Fire permits

July 10, 2024: Please note that there is currently a FIRE BAN. No permits will be issued at this time. 


The Fire Services Bylaw governs burning activities in Parkland County.

You can obtain a fire permit for up to a 90-day period depending on the type of burning. They are free of charge and available online or in person at the Parkland County Centre or the Entwistle Community Recreation Centre.

To apply online, Residents can now choose to create an account on the fire permit site.  It will auto-fill your name and address information from your profile and show you a list of your permit applications.  Please review these registration instructions or call Customer Service if you require any assistance at 780-968-8888.

Apply for a Fire Permit

Type of BurningLess than 10 Acres in a subdivision10 Acres or Greater

Acceptable Fire Pit

as per bylaw definitions

No permit required

No permit required

Smudge Fire

No permit required

No permit required

Outdoor Fire

Max size = 2 metres high x 3 metres wide

(yard cleaning, debris/slash pile, windrow)

Permit required. Permits are available from December 1st until March 31st. Permits are for 10 days.

Permit required. 90 day permits are available.

Major Burn Operations 

Multiple piles or single large pile

Not Allowed

Permit required. 30 day permits are available.

Incinerator burning

Must be licensed with the Province of Alberta

Must be licensed with the Province of Alberta

Note: Fire hazard ratings and conditions may restrict the length of your fire permit.

While You Burn:

Have a mobile phone ready and be prepared to call 911 if the fire gets out of control. The earlier you call, the better. Don't attempt to extinguish the fire yourself - call us first!

What can I burn?

You can burn non-combustible debris such as:

  • straw and stubble
  • grass and weeds
  • leaves, tree prunings, brush and fallen trees on newly cleared land or associated with logging operations
  • wooden materials which do not contain preservatives

You cannot burn prohibited or combustible waste as they may release dense smoke, offensive odours or toxic substances. Prohibited waste includes:

  • animal manure
  • pathological waste
  • non-wooden material
  • waste material from building or construction sites, excluding wooden materials that do not contain preservatives
  • combustible material in automobile bodies
  • tires
  • rubber/plastic, or anything coated with rubber /plastic or similar substances, except if attached to shredded scrap steel
  • used oil
  • wood/wood products containing preservatives

What is an Acceptable Fire Pit?

As per Bylaw Definitions:

"Acceptable Fire Pit" means an outdoor receptacle that meets the following specifications:

  • a minimum of 3 meters clearance is maintained from any building, property line, or other combustible material when measured from the nearest fire pit edge in an area free of dry grass, brush, or combustible soil (peat moss);
  • the fire pit height does not exceed 600 millimeters when measured from the surrounding grade to the top of the pit opening;
  • the pit opening does not exceed 1.5 meter in width or in diameter when measured between the widest points or outer edges;
  • is set upon or built into the bare ground or on a non-combustible material such as brick, stone or concrete;
  • is not located over any underground utilities or below overhead wires; and
  • the fire pit has enclosed sides made from brick, concrete blocks, heavy gauge metal, or other non-combustible material that is acceptable to the Fire Chief. 


provided that:

  • only clean fuel is used such as natural gas, propane, dry wood, or charcoal;
  • a means, acceptable to the Fire Chief, of controlling or extinguishing the fire is available on the Property and within reasonable distance from the fire;
  • the fire is kept under control and supervised at all times by a responsible adult Person until such time that the fire has been completely extinguished; and
  • flame height does not exceed 1 meter above the structure or container.

Do I need to put out any signage during my burn? 

If burning within 1/2 KM (500m) of a Primary or Secondary highway, smoke signs are required

  • Permittee may borrow (with refundable deposit) and post two (2) "smoke" signs to be posted along the highway from Parkland County or Alberta Transportation
  • Signs must be placed for both directions of traffic to see the signs
  • Additional signs may be required if burning close to an intersection
  • Must get approval to place "smoke" sign(s) on the highway from Alberta Transportation at 780-963-5711

How do I submit a burning complaint?


Type of ComplaintCall

Burning impacting quality of life/violating Fire Permit Bylaw

Parkland County Enforcement Services

Burning causing offensive odours

Alberta Environment and Parks


Burning affecting safety of life/property


Am I allowed to burn my crops?

The Government of Alberta has produced a fact sheet for un-harvested and overwintered crops including potential downsides to crop burning.  If you are considering burning what is left of your crops before seeding this spring, please note the following:


  1. Call your insurer before you burn. Some insurers may want to inspect your crop as part of the claim process and burning the crop down prior to speaking with your insurer could negatively affect your ability to file a claim. Don't lose out on a potential claim payout!
  2. Apply for a Parkland County fire permit. You are permitted to have an open burn with a permit for up to 90 days once the permit has been approved. 
  3. Disc or cultivate around the burn area.  Be sure to have a tractor with a disc or a cultivator on hand - if you do not, talk to your neighbours and see if they have one you can borrow.
  4. Consider plowing a fire guard around your field to prevent the fire from getting out of control.
  5. Bale the crop so you can burn it in a controlled manner.

Fireworks permits

Parkland County's Fire Services Bylaw and the Alberta Fire Code provide regulations so you can enjoy fireworks safely.

Consumer Fireworks

Fireworks permits are available year-round with the following limitations:

  • Parcels in subdivisions must be at least 0.8 hectares (1.98 acres) in size 
  • Permits may be rescinded or declined during times of increased fire hazard

You can apply for a fireworks permit online

Display Fireworks / Pyrotechnics

A licensed display fireworks supervisor may apply for a single day permit on any day of the year. Applications must be submitted for review and processing at least 14 days before the event.

Apply for a Fireworks Permit