We respect the natural environment, recognizing Parkland County’s biodiversity and unique natural beauty, the land’s value for agricultural purposes, and ensuring our commitment to sustainable agricultural and environmental practices.

To protect our natural environment, we focus our work on these components:

There are five pillars of sustainability that guide each decision we make and the development of our Integrated Community Sustainability Plan:

1.      Economy

2.      Governance

3.     Natural Environment

4.      Community

5.      Land Use

The Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) seeks to increase the County's sustainability performance in community, land use, economy, environment and governance. The plan has been updated to incorporate our new vision of a sustainable rural community. 

Governance strategies that Council uses to achieve a green community include:

Environmental Conservation Master Plan

The Environmental Conservation Master Plan (ECMP) highlights environmentally sensitive areas that are important to conserve, enhance and restore.
Lake Management Plans

Parkland County partners with several organizations, including the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA), to develop lake management plans for five lakes in the County including:

  1. Wabamun

  2. Isle

  3. Hubbles

  4. Mayatan

  5. Jackfish

Wetland Inventory
 The Wetland Inventory highlights the current and historical wetlands within Parkland County.