County staff do not remove or relocate wildlife under any circumstances except for beavers on County maintained lands.

Farmers with coyote predation issues can contact Agricultural Services for suggestions on managing livestock losses.

Living in the County, you should expect that wildlife is in your area and take precautions, even if you don't see them. Learn how to live with wildlife, reduce conflicts and know what to do if confronted by wildlife. 

If you have an immediate wildlife concern, contact your local FISH & WILDLIFE OFFICE.

Coyotes have become more comfortable and bolder around humans in recent years. To help your children be safe, learn how to respond to coyote encounters. If you have predation issues involving livestock, contact Agricultural Services. 
Gopher (mole)
The Northern Pocket Gopher is often mistakenly referred to as a mole.  They are easily identified by the mounds of black dirt they leave behind. While they can be a nuisance in gardens and lawns, they cause significant economic loss for farmers. Traps are available at most agricultural supply stores.
If you have magpies in your yard, it is likely because they can find food there. If you want the birds to permanently leave your property you will need to remove the source of food or shelter that they are finding there.  Live magpie traps are available to rent through Agricultural Services
If you suspect you have seen a rat, you can call Agricultural Services for a site visit, or email Muskrats and Northern Pocket Gophers are often mistaken for rats.
The best way to minimize skunk problems is to remove potential sources of food and living sites for skunks.

Agricultural Services rents out live, plastic traps, any captured skunks must be re-located or destroyed humanely.
They might be cute, but living with squirrels can be a challenge.
Squirrels can take up residence in your home or other buildings and cause substantial damage. Agricultural Services rents live traps to assist with the capture of problem squirrels.