Learn more about Parkland County's garbage and recycling services by visiting transfer stations for their locations, hours and lists of acceptable waste materials.

Parkland County residents must present their solid waste disposal card to dispose of waste free of charge. Exceptions are indicated where costs may apply.


Waste Categories

Automotive Waste

Automotive waste

oil containers | oil filters | tires | used oil

Blue Bag

Blue bag recycling

Global recycling changes have affected which items can and cannot go into blue bag recycling.

Accepted Items
 All items must be clean and free of liquid, food, or dirt:
  • Hard/rigid plastic containers, tubs and bottles – no lids or caps 
    • detergent, condiment or shampoo bottles; margarine and yogurt containers; ice cream pails
  • Tin food cans (clean and in original shape)
  • Magazines, newspaper, flyers and catalogues
  • Office paper, envelopes, craft paper
  • Books with front and back covers removed
  • Wrapping paper (no foil), greeting cards (decorations removed)
  • Boxboard
    • cereal, cracker, cookies, tissue boxes
  • Cardboard, flattened
  • Tetra Paks without deposit
    • soups, broth, liquid egg, etc.
Non-Accepted Items
  • Soft/flexible plastics
    • clamshell containers for berries, salads, bakery items, etc.
  • Single use plastic cups
    • pudding, applesauce, to-go yogurt, etc.
  • Plastic bags, film and wrap
    • grocery bag, food wrap, re-sealable bags, etc.
  • Styrofoam
    • packaging material, meat tray, take-out containers, etc.
  • Small metal items
    • coat hanger, nails, broken household items, etc.
  • Plastic packaging from toys, food and household items 
    • fruit and vegetable bags, cereal box liners, pet food bags, plant pots, etc.
  • Single use plastic items
    • cutlery, straws, coffee pods, etc.
  • To-go cups, lids or caps
    • drink cups, lids and straws, etc. – most paper coffee cups can go in the green organics cart
  • Ceramics
  • Diapers
  • Electronics
  • Lids of any kid
  • Miscellaneous plastic without plastics identification number
  • Soiled paper
  • Toxic items, sharps (e.g., needles, broken glass)

Non Blue Bag Items 

Glass that is clean and free of liquid, food, or dirt is now accepted at the Parkland County Transfer Station but must not be placed in a Blue Bag for drop-off. 

Commercial Waste

Commercial/Construction waste

Charges will apply for the following items:

carpet | commercial yard waste | drywall | fences | metal | non-County resident waste | shingles | small concrete | wood/pallets


Electronics recycling

computers | computer monitors | keyboards | computer mouse/cables | laptops | microwaves | TVs


Fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs and compact fluorescents in the original package if possible.

Grass and Leaves

Grass and leaves

Resident grass and leaves only.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste

aerosol cans | batteries (household and vehicle) | other household hazardous waste | paint | propane tanks |

Non-Accepted Items
  • oxygen & acetylene bottles

  • commercial hazardous waste

Household Waste

Household waste

 ashes (cold) | bagged household waste | small furniture | styrofoam and rubber | single use plastics, film and clamshell plastics | non-reusable glass | single-use packaging | fabric | bagged pet waste

  • refrigerated appliances include fridges, freezers, water coolers and air conditioners
  • other large acceptable appliances include washers, dryers, and stoves
  • a maximum of two appliances can be dropped off per visit

Mixed Paper Recycling

Mixed paper recycling

flattened box board (cereal boxes, pasta boxes, etc.), corrugated cardboard | brown paper bags | magazines, newspapers, flyers | office paper and envelopes | shredded paper | wrapping paper

Mixed Waste

Mixed waste

Charges apply for mixed loads of household waste and commercial construction waste.

Scale operators make the final decision on whether waste is normal household or commercial/construction waste.



food waste | food soiled paper (including pizza boxes, coffee filters) | paper coffee cups | plant/grass clippings and leaves | shredded paper

Tree Trimmings

Tree trimmings

Charges may apply.

Acceptable items include tree trimmings and branches under 12cm in diameter (charges apply for pieces 12cm or larger in diameter - i.e. tree stumps). 

Please note:

Loads of normal household waste and commercial/construction waste will be charged as construction/commercial waste and fees will apply. Transfer Station operators will make the final decision on whether waste is considered normal household waste or commercial/construction waste.