Parkland County recognizes the need for reliable and affordable high-speed broadband connectivity within the County.  Broadband is a necessity, not just for the County's needs, but also for our residents and businesses. 

What is Broadband?

Broadband internet describes highspeed internet at a minimum 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speed that can be accomplished in various ways, such as by using coaxial cables, fibre-optic cables, and radio waves. Access to high-speed internet is important for allowing residents to access information, consume media and work remotely. 

Latest Broadband Update:

December, 2023

Parkland County is working to better understand the broadband needs in the County.  We are still actively engaged in this process by implementing county-lead programs like the Satellite Internet Rebate Trial, working with inter-governmental partners to gain grant funding, and communicating with various members of industry to identify unique solutions to broadband servicing. Providing county-wide access to broadband is a complex task and as such, timelines will be affected.  We thank all residents and businesses for your patience.

Satellite Internet Rebate Trial

In June 2023, Administration provided the Parkland County Council with the findings from the Starlink Trial, highlighting favorable results and a positive user experience with the Starlink Service. As a result, Council directed Administration to create a program that increases access to satellite internet services like Starlink. Under this direction, Administration has created the Satellite Internet Rebate Trial program. 


The rebate will cover the one-time cost of high-speed (minimum 50 Mbps Upload, 10 Mbps Download) satellite internet equipment (plus shipping and taxes) to eligible residents. Example providers that meet this speed are:


  • Starlink
  • Telus Hub - If the internet plans named 'Faster' or 'Fastest' are chosen


Rebates can be claimed between January 8th and March 29th, 2024. Eligible participants will receive a letter to their mailing address notifying their eligibility for the program and providing steps to claim the rebate. Participants were selected by referencing the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission's (CRTC) assessment of rural properties that have a low potential to be serviced by broadband fibre internet infrastructure. For Parkland County, these properties are mainly in Divisions 5 and 6.


As this is the first internet infrastructure rebate program provided by the County, a trial is essential to understand the issues that must be addressed before further expansion. The project team will continually monitor the trial program noting administrative demand, technical issues, and opportunities for improvement. To participate in the rebate program, participants must agree to a short phone survey at the end of the program (anticipated to be conducted in April 2024). This survey will be used to capture information on user experience with the internet infrastructure and the overall rebate program.



Who is eligible for this rebate trial?

Parkland County has identified certain properties, based on Canadian Radio Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) guidelines, that have few options for high-speed internet services and a low likelihood of future servicing by a private internet service provider. Eligible residents will receive a postcard in their mail outlining the program and how to claim a rebate. The applicant must have their name on an eligible land title to claim a rebate.


Why is this rebate trial not available to everyone?

This rebate program is a new process for the County. Before it is expanded further, the County needs to be diligent and ensure that it can be run efficiently and effectively. This rebate trial will be used as a learning opportunity to better understand what is required to expand the program to the rest of the County.


Where is the funding for the trial coming from?

The rebate is available through a council-approved investment by Parkland County. This investment is named the Broadband Initiative Fund. The rebate is drawn from a small portion of this fund.


What is the County trying to learn from this trial?

The County wants to determine how much demand there is for a program like this and if the demand created by the program impacts the supply of satellite equipment. Additionally, the County will be evaluating the financial impacts of this program, and whether the program truly increases the ability of residents to get access to high-speed internet.


How long will the trial last for?

Those eligible for the trial must claim their rebate by the end of March 2024. The county is aware of the shipping and waitlists associated with some internet devices. If you are an eligible resident facing these issues, please reach out to Parkland County Customer Service so we can explore options to accommodate.


Why Satellite Internet?

High-speed satellite internet is an important component of Parkland County’s Broadband Plan. Satellite internet allows residents who live in remote areas to gain access to high-speed internet on a timeline much more reasonable than waiting for broadband fiber. This program is designed to ensure that all residents of Parkland County have the option to access high-speed internet, despite current limitations to fiber.


Why offer this rebate now?

Providing access to high-speed internet is a priority for Parkland County Council. Studies have identified that there are satellite internet options available that provide comparable high-speed to fiber internet. However, for some, the cost of these services is too high. This rebate hopes to reduce barriers to getting high-speed internet by covering the initial cost of the satellite equipment.

This Rebate also aligns with the Government of Alberta’s Starlink Pilot Project which currently does not include Parkland County.


What can the rebate be used for?

The rebate will reimburse the one-time cost of purchasing high-speed satellite internet equipment (tax and shipping included) to a maximum of $1000. For providers that charge for their equipment monthly, this rebate will provide a lump sum equal to 2 years of that monthly payment.


If I am eligible, where can I claim a rebate?

You may claim a rebate in person at the Entwistle Community Recreation Centre or the Parkland County Centre.


What are the qualified satellite options?

Any satellite internet provider that can meet the CRTC minimums for high-speed internet would qualify (50mbs download, 10mbs upload).

Currently, providers who meet this high-speed internet rating in Parkland County are:

  • Starlink
    • Rebate for the equipment
  • TELUS Hub
    • If the ‘faster’ or ‘fastest’ plan is chosen
    • Rebate for the equipment on a 2-year Telus contract


What is required to get the rebate?

An eligible applicant needs to provide the following documents:

  • Proof that they own the land title of an eligible property.
    • This can be done by showing a government issued piece of identification to Parkland County Customer Service (e.g. driver's license, passport, etc...)
  • A receipt of purchase for a Satellite Internet device from an approved high-speed internet provider.
  • A receipt of purchase for at least one month of internet service from the same approved high-speed internet provider.
  • A VOIDED cheque from your bank OR a blank pre-printed deposit form that shows your deposit account information.
  • A Trial Participation form allowing the County to follow up with questions on your experience with the rebate program. This form can be obtained from the Parkland County Centre of the Entwistle Hub.
  • A Direct Deposit Authorization form. This form can be obtained from the Parkland County Centre or the Entwistle Hub.


What happens when someone receives a rebate and then moves? Is the location put back on the list?

During the trial period, one address can receive only one rebate.


I am eligible for the program, but I already purchased a satellite internet device for my home. Am I eligible?

Unfortunately, the rebate is not retroactive. The program aims to increase access to satellite internet devices for those who cannot afford a device without the rebate.


Is this program the same as what is being offered by the Alberta Government?

Although similar, this program is not the same as the recently announced Government of Alberta (GOA) Starlink pilot program. Currently, Parkland County is not included in the GOA pilot program. The Parkland County Satellite Internet Rebate Trial program is only available to those residing within the County.


Parkland County Starlink Trial

Update: Trial has been completed, and reported to council.

in 2022, Parkland County launched a pilot program in on the use of Starlink internet satellite services within the County. The trial involved five different Starlink units at residential locations known for poor quality and limited access to wireless or fibre broadband services. A sixth system was activated as a baseline for the trial and as a comparison against each of the five other units. The trial ran for a 16-month period to evaluate services under different weather conditions. 

In June 2023, Administration provided the Parkland County Council with the findings from the Starlink Trial, highlighting favorable results and a positive user experience with the Starlink Service. As a result, Council directed Administration to create a program that increases access to satellite internet services like Starlink. Under this direction, Administration has created the Satellite Internet Rebate Trial program. 

Entwistle Fibre Infrastructure

The new fibre optic network is now operational for residents and businesses in the community of Entwistle. The internet service provider (ISP) O-NET offers various packages for ultra-fast internet, television, and phone services. O-NET provides installation, operations, and support for subscribers with their service packages. 

For more information on Entwistle service packages offered visit or call 1-855-556-ONET (6638).

Parkland County Cellular Tower Infrastructure

Sale of the Towers

On July 14, 2020, Council approved the sale of the Parkland County tower assets. The County felt that an independent, specialized organization could better manage and enhance the existing infrastructure. 

On December 29, 2021, SBA Communications Inc. purchased the tower assets from Parkland County. For information on the collocation process with SBA, visit or call 1-800-487-SITE (7483).

Parkland County Universal Broadband Funding (UBF) Application

In March of 2021, Parkland County applied to the Universal Broadband Funding (UBF) through Canada Innovation Science and Economic Development (ISED) for funds to support the construction of fibre infrastructure in the rural western, underserved portion of the County. 

ISED continues to award telecommunication investment projects in rural and remote areas of Canada. Parkland County has not received an award or funding. 

Parkland County Broadband Assessment

In 2020, Parkland County completed an assessment of existing telecommunication fibre and wireless providers in the County with a focus on reliability, affordability, and quality of services. The assessment included a broadband survey throughout the County with a focus on the Acheson Industrial Park and the community of Entwistle. The information gathered identified a need for upgraded services in the area.

 Paul First Nation Broadband Assessment

Parkland County supported an assessment of the community broadband services and review of any future broadband infrastructure investments for the Paul First Nation community through a Western Diversification grant.

The information gathered identified a need for upgraded services and provided recommendations to seek future applications with federal funding entities for construction and implementation of fibre to the home programs. A high-level fibre conceptual plan and cost estimation was developed to support any future plans for improving Paul First Nation broadband services.