Parkland County's bylaw enforcement officers as well as the local Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) enforce bylaws within Parkland County's boundaries.

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Bylaws protect:

  • safety, health and welfare of people and property
  • people and activities in public places
  • people from nuisances
  • transportation
  • businesses
  • municipal services
  • public utilities
  • wild and domestic animals

Parkland County is a municipality incorporated under the laws of the Municipal Government Act of Alberta. The Municipal Government Act states that a council may pass bylaws for its municipality respecting the above matters. These bylaws apply only inside the jurisdictional boundaries of Parkland County and are enforceable by Parkland County's Bylaw Enforcement officers as well as the local R.C.M.P.

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  • If you require information relating to enforcement of the Bylaws please contact Enforcement Services at 780-968-8400. 
  • If you need assistance locating a particular bylaw that is not provided on the website please contact Legislative Services at 780-968-3234.