Photo of the Entwistle Outdoor Pool

The Entwistle Outdoor Pool is located within the Entwistle Community Recreation Centre. A typical season runs from the May long weekend to the September long weekend. It features a 4 Lane x 25m pool, beach area with spray toys, a diving board and water slide. Lockers are available on site, please bring your own lock. 

STATUS: Closed for the season

Public Swim 

Public swim times are available in 2-hour increments. Pre-registration is no longer required. Pool maximum is 90 people; however the capacity may be lower based on the number of lifeguards on duty.  

 Private Lessons

To request private lessons, please call (780) 727-3947.

Interested in registering for swim lessons? Create an account today and register online through Univerus.
Public Swim Schedule

Public Swim times can be viewed on Univerus. See below for the differences between Family and Open Swim.

Swim Lesson Conversion Chart

Welcome to Starfish Institute Swim Lessons. Not sure what level to register in? Check out the conversion chart.

Pool Rentals

Please note that due to staffing constraints we may be limited in the number of bookings we can accommodate and the number of participants we can accommodate at one time. We will make every attempt to accommodate all requests.   


Can my child swim alone?

 Children under 8 require active supervision at all times; caregiver must be 16 years or older, in the water and within arms reach at all times. 

Can my child swim in the deep end?

Wwimmers entering the deep water may be required to wear a PFD or complete a swim test. 

What are the different public swim types?

Open Swim: a time for anyone to come. The entire pool is available including all the amenities. 


Family Swim/Lane Swim: A quieter/calmer swim time where the pool is a shared space.  Children and youth must be accompanied by an adult. A minimum of two lanes will be set out for lane swim. Not all amenities will be available during this swim; deep end may not open if all lanes are in use. 

Do you have Life Jackets (PFDs) at the pool?

Yes, PFDs are available for use during your swim time at no charge.

 Do you have lockers?

Lockers are available for day use, you must bring your own lock. 

Can I rent the pool for a private function?

Private pool rental are available for a maximum of 1 hour during rental slots: 


Cost: $110/hr


To book a private rental, please click on the link above for pool rental and birthday party booking

 Do you close the pool in bad weather?

Closures are determined by temperature (below 18 °C) and extreme weather (stormy, heavy rain, lightning / thunder).

Should you hear thunder or see lightning the pool will be cleared and all patrons will be asked to move into the changerooms. You will be asked to wait 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or strike of lighting (which ever is later) as observed by the lifeguard. You have the option to wait in the sheltered area or leave the facility.