OHV Use in Parkland County

Using Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) for recreational purposes can be a lot of fun, but OHVs have the potential for personal injury or even death. This is why Parkland County educates users about municipal bylaws and provincial acts relating to proper OHV use and safety precautions.

Discuss OHV safety with your family

To create a safe environment, Parkland County encourages adults and parents to be good examples. Review this information as a family and discuss the importance of operating OHVs in a safe and lawful manner. 

Respect private property

OHV operators should not ride on other people's property unless they have received permission from the property owner. Unauthorized riding is:

  • Trespassing
  • Against the law
  • Damaging to crops, fences, and other valuable items



Municipal bylaws

OHV operators who do not follow municipal regulations are committing an offence and will be fined accordingly. Under Parkland County's OHV bylaw, fines range from $57 to $500 for a first offence. For a second offence, the fine is doubled, and for a third offence, the fine is tripled.

Please note: The bylaw does not apply to highways, which are under the jurisdiction of the Province. OHVs are not allowed within primary and secondary right-of-ways.

Key guidelines explained in the OHV Bylaw include:

In a subdivision or hamlet 
  • OHVs are allowed only on the road surface and not in the ditch. This does not include provincial highways or ditches along provincial highways.
  • The maximum speed limit while riding on a road surface is 30 km/hr.
On range roads and township roads 
  • OHVs are allowed on the road surface as well as in the ditch. This does not include provincial highways or ditches along provincial highways.
  • The maximum speed limit while riding on a road surface is 50 km/hr.
  • The maximum speed limit while riding in a ditch is 30 km/hr.
 At all times
  • OHVs must travel on the right-hand side of the road with traffic.
  • Operation of OHVs is permitted between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
  • The OHV operator must be at least 16 years old and hold a valid Class 5 operator's licence while driving on County roads and in ditches.
  • The OHV must be registered and insured.
  • The operator and passenger, if any, must wear helmets.
  • OHVs are prohibited on environmental reserves, school property and any land marked with signage.
  • OHVs require daytime lights while driving on County roads and in ditches.
OHV prohibited subdivisions and land

Residents can request that OHVs be prohibited within a hamlet or subdivision. Contact Enforcement Services for details.

Prohibited Subdivisions and Land

  • Ascot Beach Walking Trail,53113 Range Rd. 44
  • Bonnie Acres - Municipal Reserves
  • Devonridge Estates Reserve Land R-1 Plan 7720833 & Nikki Way Road Allowance
  • Maude West
  • Meadow Run
  • Narao Pines
  • Peterbern Estates - Municipal Reserves
  • Pt. SW-27-53-1-W5M, County Owned Land
  • Star Lake Estates Environmental and Municipal Reserves
  • Tuckers Field
  • Weekend Estates - Jackfish Lake Walking Trail, 52204 Hwy 770
  • Winter Ridge Estates