A plumbing permit or a private sewage permit is your formal permission to begin plumbing work or private sewage installation work on your property in Parkland County.

Do I need a plumbing permit or a private sewage permit for my project?

Plumbing permits are required for:

  • Installation, renewal, removal or change of a plumbing system or equipment
  • Connection of any mobile or modular home to a municipal or private sewage system

Private Sewage System permits are required for:

  • Sewage holding tank
  • Privy holding tank
  • Septic tank/treatment field
  • Septic tank/treatment mound
  • Septic tank/open discharge
  • Treatment plant at-grade, treatment field or treatment mound

If you are unsure if your project requires a permit, or if you have any questions about trade permits or the application process, please contact us by phone at 780-968-8888 ext 7300 or by email at safetycodes@parklandcounty.com.

How to apply for a plumbing or private sewage permit

Parkland County has an online system, PLANit Parkland where you can apply for permits! Our system makes it easier to apply, track your application status and correspondence, and view your approved permits all from one place – anywhere and anytime!

Who can apply?

A property owner or a certified contractor with the appropriate credentials may apply for a plumbing or private sewage permit. Once a permit is issued, you have 90 days to commence your project and work cannot be suspended/abandoned for more than 120 days. A permit is valid for one year, however, a three month extension may be granted.

Who regulates legislation in Alberta?

The Alberta Safety Codes Act requires that all contractors and homeowners in Alberta get a safety codes permit before starting plumbing work covered by the National Plumbing Code of Canada (NPC) 2020 and the Alberta Private Sewage Codes and Standards.

Permit fees and charges

View the County's fees and charges schedule associated with plumbing and private sewage permits.


Learn how to book any necessary inspections as an inspection may be required at various stages of the project.

Safety codes technical inquiries

Our Safety Codes Officers are available for any technical inquiries. You can contact an officer by phone at 780-968-8888 ext 7300 or email safetycodes@parklandcounty.com.

Safety tips

Starting a project and unsure of how Alberta codes and standards impact your plans? View the Safety Codes Council's safety tips, which can help you understand the proper practices and designs to achieve the standards of safety set by the codes in force in our province.