Parkland County has created the Traffic Accommodation in Work Zones manual to assist with development and approval of a Traffic Accommodation Strategy or TAS. 


When activities such as roadway/bridge work, utilities work, or materials testing and surveying are performed on or adjacent to public roadways in Parkland County, the person(s) performing the work must make suitable provisions to safely accommodate the travelling public while protecting the safety of the workers. 


The purpose of this document is to provide a guide and minimum standards to the various parties working within Parkland County’s road allowances to follow, so the accommodation of traffic is handled in a consistent, safe, and effective manner. This document identifies the primary roles and responsibilities of each party for public safety, it outlines the general considerations for developing an effective traffic accommodation strategy and provides information when using various Traffic Control Devices on County roadways. This manual also includes a series of drawings detailing minimum standards for temporary signing in typical Work Zones. In the case of non-typical Work Zones, site specific traffic control measures are required to address the unique aspects of the project.  

The contents of this document are not intended to modify or supersede any provisions of Parkland County contracts or agreements. In the event of a discrepancy between this document and the County County’s contracts or agreements, the requirements of the contract or agreement shall govern.