When Spring is in the air and temperatures rise across the County, we would like to remind you of what to watch for during spring thaw, such as keeping culverts clear to allow for proper drainage, thin-ice safety, and how to avoid potential flooding.

If you experience a spring thaw drainage issue that could cause potential flooding, please call 780 968-8888.

Here are some tips to help you out:
  • Inspect your property for drainage issues.
  • Ensure culverts are clear to avoid potential flooding.
  • Stay off the ice and stay safe!
  • Make sure eaves and downspouts are extended away from your home.
  • Double check that sump pump!
Proper grading:
Do the buildings on your property have proper grading?

As the warmer weather melts the snow and rain season approaches, proper grading will help prevent water from entering your home and other buildings on your property. 

More resources:
An overview of emergency preparedness before, during and after a flood.
Up-to-date map of water advisories from Alberta River Basins.
Stay safe on the ice! Tips from the Red Cross to know what to look out for and how to stay safe.