County road clearing

Parkland County is responsible for care and maintenance of over 2,000 km of roads. We strive to have the main road system plowed within three days after a snow fall stops. The type, depth, duration and intensity of the snowfall may impact the overall timelines as the County addresses roads in priority sequence. Drivers should always allow extra time as conditions may vary.

Snow Removal Priority:
  1.  Arterial Roadways (highly used roads)
  2.  Collector roads (roadways connecting arterial and subdivision roads)
  3.  Local and Subdivision roads (including Hamlets)
  4.  Parking lots (Parkland County facilities and Community Halls)

We cannot accommodate snow removal requests during the first three days following a snowfall. The priority is to clear the County's road network as efficiently and quickly as possible. If you have a snow removal concern after this timeframe, you can submit it through our County Concerns Portal or call Customer Service at 780-968-8888.

Provincial Highways

The Province is responsible for clearing all provincial highways. Parkland County takes care of range roads, township roads and subdivision roads. Please contact Alberta Transportation with concerns on Provincial Highways or view for updated highway conditions. 

Snow Ridges/Windrows

During a heavy snowfall, snow plow operators may leave a "ridge" in front of some approaches. This is avoided whenever possible, but ridges are occasionally a part of winter life. If a ridge limits access to your driveway, you may clear it at your convenience. See below for how to decrease snow ridges at your private driveway.


There are several Community Halls throughout the County where residents can get sand:

  • The Woodbend Community Society
  • Carvel Hall
  • Blueberry Community Hall
  • Muir Lake Community Hall
  • Brightbank Community Centre
  • Manly Goodwill Community Hall
  • Garden Valley Community Centre
  • Duffield Community Hall
  • Holborn Hall
  • Westland Park Community League