Sometimes we lease or sell County road allowances according to our policy. The policy outlines the procedure for making an application to purchase, lease, or divert a road allowance.

Fees and Charges

Fees related to Policy C-EN 0017:

Access construction in undeveloped road allowance
Non-refundable application fee $1,500.00


Fees related to Policy C-EN 009:

Road allowances and diversionsFees/charges


Non-refundable application fee for each application to lease or purchase a road allowance $2,000.00/each
Engineering Design Standards variance requestsFees/charges
Engineering fee per variance to Engineering Design Standards $1,200.00 plus additional charges* + GST

* additional charges include any costs incurred by the County directly related to the application such as consulting fees, legal costs and/or third party perspectives 

Oil & Gas Facility Approvals Fees/charges
Inspection Fee for Each Road Improvement Request Received $250.00

Fees related to Policy C-EN 011:

Charges to oil and gas pipeline companies for pipeline crossings of County road allowancesFees/charges
Inspection fee for each road allowance crossed $250.00 +GST