Project Updates:

November 23, 2023

Mink Lake Ribbon Cutting

Mink Lake Road received a significant face lift this summer, including a wider driving surface, wider shoulders added, hills flattened, and other features added, such as improvements to the access at Star Lake. 

Remaining activities include final placement of the power poles, landscaping, and placement of a second lift of asphalt on the roadway, intersections, and approaches during summer 2024.

With an investment of approximately $4,500,000 in our road network, this project exemplifies Parkland County’s intention of maintaining quality infrastructure for our residents.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our residents and businesses in the area for their patience, and for the hard work of our Engineering team on this project.

The roadway is now in great shape and ready for public use for many years to come!

November 3, 2023

We would like to thank all the area residents and the school bus drivers for their patience during the construction this summer as well as to the crews who worked so hard to get the project to this point. 

There is still minor work that will take place over the next couple of weeks as well as the relocation of power poles that is scheduled to be completed over the winter.  Any impact on traffic will be minimal.

Project Schedule:

Construction will resume in 2024 to finish the second lift of paving, including paving of the approaches and remaining intersections plus other minor construction deficiencies.  An updated schedule is planned for mid-April 2024 .Subscribe to this page to be notified by email of any updates. 

Below is the preliminary schedule for the re-construction of Mink Lake Road.

Please note these dates are subject to change due to construction progress, weather, and environmental factors.

Parkland County Contact 

Trevor Lucas, Project Officer, Parkland County

Office: (780) 968-8888

Prior Updates and Notices

October 4, 2023

The table below will provide an outline of the construction schedule moving forward.  As the County works on site there may still be some delays do to weather. 

SectionScheduleCommentsNext Steps
Section 1 Placing second lift of gravel 2nd week of October with paving to follow. Gravel surface, delays should be expected when gravel is being placed and paving operations are taking place. Work will take place to re-establish ditch and slope profiles, interim line painting, permanent signs, guardrails, and other work to take place.
Section 2 Placing second lift of gravel 2nd week of October with paving to follow.
Section 3 1st week of October finishing Subgrade prep on west end, tying in 1st lift of Gravel,  placing 2nd lift of gravel in the 2nd week of October with paving to follow
Section 4 1st week of October finishing Subgrade prep on west end, tying in 1st lift of Gravel,  placing 2nd lift of gravel in the 2nd week of October with paving to follow

September 2023

September 13, 2023
The County is working diligently to complete the construction work on Mink Lake Road. While there have been some delays due to utility work and weather, the high priority objective is to have the travel conditions improved as soon as possible and road surfaced with asphalt before winter. The table below outlines the most current plan for right now. This plan is subject to change due to weather and other construction factors. 

There have been challenging conditions during the wet weather periods and encourage use of alternative routes as much as possible. We expect significant improvements in the next number of days to the road allowing far better travel conditions on the east end and over the next 10 -14 days for the entire road.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding as everyone is working hard to make a new safer Mink Lake Road as soon as possible.

SectionScheduleCommentsNext Steps
Section 1 Initial Gravel being placed for Traffic Accommodation Sept 12 Road travel to be significantly improved to Hwy 770 with no pilot truck needed. Additional gravel base to be placed during 3rd week of September with additional disruptions for a few days. Asphalt surfacing scheduled for early October.
Section 2 Initial gravel planned for Sept 15. 

Travel from RR 24, Lakecrest and Bergman Estate subdivisions (via Rge Rd 24) can access Section 2 to a significantly improved construction road surface east to Hwy 770.

Additional gravel base placement mid 3rd week of September with asphalt surfacing scheduled for early October.
Section 3 Grading work in progress Subgrade work being completed ahead of gravel placement from East to West. Initial gravel on East end planned for 3rd week of Sept. Poor travelling conditions are expected on the East end of Section 3 until initial gravel is in place. Approximately 1 week of poor driving conditions to Rge Rd 25.
Section 4 Grading work in progress

Mid week Star Lake access closure and Rge Rd 25 re-grading with poor travel conditions on Rge Rd 25 for approx.1 week.

Rge Road 25 and the Star Lake Access to be lowered by over 1 meter to provide a safer intersection. Poor travelling conditions are expected until gravel is placed approx. 1st week of October.

August 2023

August 23

Grading operations in progress between RR 24 and Hwy 770

August 3
Pulverizing and clearing activities are complete.  Grading work will commence after the August long weekend. 

July 2023

July 17
Pulverizing existing asphalt surface; possible delays; expected to take 4 to 5 days

March 2023

Mink Lake Virtual Open House Q & A

November 2022

Virtual Open House Presentation (PDF) - November 22 to December 1st