The 2024 - 2027 Capital Infrastructure Program outlines the current and upcoming projects for constructing and upgrading county roads, bridges, water systems, wastewater systems and storm water infrastructure.

Projects are reviewed and updated annually along with the annual budget processes. 

2024 Capital Infrastructure Program List

2024 Infrastructure Program Map 

Engineering Services also provides information on Approaches and leasing or purchasing on Road Allowance.

Roadway Projects

Roadway projects are selected based on the following parameters: 

  • Road Conditions
  • Traffic Volumes
  • Road Classification and Land Use
  • Traffic Safety
  • Feasibility and Costs
  • Environmental and Sociological Concerns
  • Public Support and Project Coordination

The current focus of the annual road construction program is on preservation of existing roadways and maintaining the existing surface conditions. Annual road construction projects are typically completed between April and October, but the schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions and construction programming. 

Bridge Projects

Bridge projects are selected based on the following parameters: 

  • Condition Assessment
  • Traffic Volumes
  • Lifecycle Replacement
  • Traffic Safety
  • Feasibility and Costs
  • Grant Funding Availability

The focus of the annual bridge program is to ensure that access across major waterways and streams is maintained and that land areas remain assessable. The overall condition rating of several bridges throughout Alberta requires ongoing assessment and replacement as many are 50+ years old and reaching their end of life. 

Water and Wastewater System Projects

Water and wastewater projects are selected based on the following parameters: 

  • Economic Growth Opportunity
  • System Redundancy
  • System Capacity Constraints
  • Lifecycle Replacement

The work activities for water and wastewater systems are concentrated in the Acheson Industrial area, to take advantage of economic growth and prosperity, or in hamlets, as lifecycle replacement projects. The infrastructure within our hamlets is at or near the end of lifecycle and projects are pursued to ensure continued use of existing systems. 

Stormwater System Projects

Stormwater projects focus on enhancement and management of existing stormwater systems. 

  • Economic Growth Opportunity
  • System Capacity Constraints
  • Historical Challenges
  • Localized Flooding

Stormwater projects focus primarily on areas where there have been historic drainage challenges and the projects are established to enhance and improve efficient peak water movement through areas. 

Communication Updates for Active Projects

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