An approach is the access between your property line and the adjacent roadway. For all approach construction, an application must be submitted and approved prior to starting construction, see Approach Application

Parkland County manages property access to ensure that all approaches meet current standards. For more information, read our Property Access Approaches policy C-EN10 or our Parkland County Engineering Design Standards.

The Approach application process will include a 1-year warranty period that commences after an accepted construction completion has been issued. For more information, please speak to an Engineering Officer.

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Policy C-EN10 - Property Access Approaches includes information regarding:

  • General criteria for all access requests
  • Asphalt apron requirements
  • Procedures for applying to build a new approach
  • Enforcement of Policy, approaches that are in breach of this Policy may be removed by Parkland County
Do I need an application to install a new approach or fix an existing approach?

Yes, Parkland County requires that any work to a new or existing approach requires approval from Land Development Engineering (LDE). Please reach out to LDE as there are some situations that may not be applicable.

Can I construct an approach during the fall/winter?
It's not advised to construct an approach in colder weather but Land Development Engineering (LDE) will accept approach applications during off peak construction months. For the safety of our staff, LDE will not complete inspections during poor weather conditions. This may prolong the period which an approach security is held by Parkland County.
Why are residents limited to one approach?  

Policy C-EN10 - Property Access Approaches maintains that only one approach per property is allowed.

Why is a refundable deposit required? 

The deposit ensures adherence to Parkland County Engineering Design Standards and that all construction requirements are fulfilled.  

Can I extend or move my approach? 

Yes. The approach must meet or exceed current Parkland County Engineering Design Standards. If there is a removal, the County right of way must be restored, which includes landscape restoration and drainage management.  

How long does Parkland County hold my approach security for?

Parkland County retains the approach securities until the one-year warranty has passed and a final inspection has been approved by a Parkland County Engineering Officer.

What happens if I build without a permit or leaving a deposit? 

Policy C-EN10 - Property Access Approaches addresses non-conformance penalties.  

Does the County supply culverts?  

No, the County does not supply culverts. 

Can I reuse an old culvert?

It is possible to use an old culvert. It depends on the condition and structural integrity of the culvert. Contact Land Development Engineering at 780-968-8888 ext. 7313 or send us an email at to have the existing culvert evaluated. 

Who do I call for an inspection once construction is completed? 

Contact Land Development Engineering at 780-968-8888 or to schedule an inspection.

Can I install a smaller or larger culvert than the specifications outlined? 

Smaller culverts are not permitted - properly sized culverts ensure performance during peak flows. A larger culvert can be used if it is approved by the County. 

Why is the field approach wider than the residential approach? 

Use of farm equipment requires a wider approach. 

Why is it necessary to maintain approach spacing distances and minimum sight line distance requirements at each approach location? 

This is to ensure safety. Parkland County follows the sight line distance and headlight guidelines as per the Alberta Transportation Geometric Design Guide for approach placement along roadways.  

What is rip rap rock? 

Rip rap rock is a protective covering consisting of hand laid or randomly deposited rock which is placed around the culvert inlets, culvert outlets and along back slopes and ditches to prevent erosion. Rip rap rock shall extend one (1) metre beyond both culvert ends and wrap around the top of the culvert. Rip rap rock may be required at other locations as directed to help reduce soil erosion.

Rip rap shall consist of sound durable stone or pit run gravel. We require rip rap material combination of a minimum diameter 100 mm (4") and at least 50% having the minimum diameter of 200 mm (8").

What is the minimum required cover at the top of the culvert? 

Minimum required depth of cover is 0.50-m (20 inches) of approved granular material compacted with 150 to 200 mm of gravel surface finish/ asphalt surface depth to match existing road structure Typical asphalt depth is 100 -mm (4 inches) or 125-mm (6 inches). 


All fees regarding Approaches can be viewed on our Fees and Charges page. 

Fees related to Policy C-EN 010:

Approach Fees/Deposits Fee/ChargeRefundable Deposit
              Non-Refundable Application Fee:  

Oil and Gas Facility Existing Access Permit (AD-012-P)



Urban Laneway Approach 





(Residential/Bareland Recreational)


Includes application review and two site visits (preliminary and final inspection)




$2,500 gravel road




$5,000 paved road





$10,000 all surfaces



$2,500 gravel road




$5,000 paved road

Additional Inspections



Appeal Fee (non-refundable)


                        Refundable Security Deposits:  

Residential and Field Approaches with Adjacent Gravel Roadways



Residential and Field Approaches with Adjacent Paved Roadways



Commercial Approaches