Lakes of the Carvel Pitted Delta

Have you heard of the Carvel Pitted Delta? It is a unique landform found within Parkland County with several dozen small kettle lakes. These small lakes and their surrounding landscapes have unique features, but also hold a great deal of ecological value.

Since 2020, there has been much work done by a selection of dedicated individuals to further analyze the water quality of many of the lakes found within the Delta. The hope is to shed some light on a diverse and special collection of water bodies in Parkland, but also to raise awareness about their environmental significance.

These water bodies owe their existence to glaciers that left behind a rough, hummocky landscape dotted with numerous water-filled depressions about 12,000 years ago. 

To discover more about this unique area and what you can do to help look after our lakes, follow the Alberta Lake Management Society.

Waterfront Living

This animated video series for waterfront residents contains eight episodes about protecting the health of the County's waterbodies and their surrounding ecosystems. The guide is based on Sarah Kipp and Clive Callaway's book: On the Living Edge but contains additional information specific to Parkland County's lakes and development process.

All residents who complete the guide and answer all of the questions in the quiz will receive a FREE On the Living Edge book. Answers to the questions are dispersed throughout the videos and the requested information is only required so your FREE copy of On the Living Edge book can be sent to you.


All episodes are available individually on Parkland County's YouTube channel. If you watch the videos on YouTube, you will need to return to this page to answer the questions listed in the quiz form.

1.      Shorelines

2.      The Buffer Zone

3.      Construction Projects

4.      Septic Systems

5.      Shoreline Landscaping

6.      Erosion

7.      Shoreline Access

8.     Whose Shoreline Is It?

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