Enforcement Services has built a strong relationship with trusted partners as we work in collaboration for the continued safety of all Parkland County residents.


Stony Plain Crime Prevention Association

Volunteer to prevent crime in Parkland County. Local chapters include the  Blueberry, East Parkland, Holborn, and Graminina areas.

MADD Parkland

Their mission is to stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime. The MADD Parkland Chapter assists RCMP Victim Services – supporting victims of impaired driving.


YIELD is a registered non-profit organization that focuses on Traffic Safety issues with youth. The YIELD program concentrates on demonstrating the drastic consequences of speed-related and impaired driving collisions.



Alberta Citizens On Patrol Association

Alberta Citizens On Patrol Association (ACOPA) was formed to assist Citizens On Patrol (COP) groups throughout Alberta through the support, development, and sustainability of COP programs.

The mission of ACOPA is to build safer communities by mobilizing citizens throughout Alberta to participate in a community-based crime prevention initiatives in co-operation with their local law enforcement agencies.

Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association

The Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association (ACCPA) provides Albertans and their communities with education and crime prevention awareness. ACCPA is the connector between rural and urban communities and agencies.


When communities are connected, engaged, and empowered, for a sustainable community where everyone is safe, everyone has a sense of belonging, and everyone has access to services.

Rural Crime Watch Program

The Rural Crime Watch program began with the vision to prevent crime by building relationships through promotion, community involvement and identifying future needs. The program was established to provide additional “eyes and ears” for the RCMP.

Member Associations are now concentrating their efforts on farmstead, acreage and rural property security, property identification and general rural crime awareness.

The Rural Crime Watch Program is completely voluntary and involves rural residents working in cooperation with their local RCMP detachments.