Taxes in Parkland County are made up of three parts:

  1. Provincial Education
  2. Municipal taxes
  3. Seniors' Lodge Services

You can see the breakdown of your taxes in the house illustration. The municipal portion of the taxes are determined by your property assessment. 

Provincial Education

Parkland County is required to bill and collect school taxes on behalf of the Provincial Government. However, the County has no jurisdiction or control over school board budgets or operations. For information on education taxes, read the Education Property Tax brochure.

Property owners in areas with a separate school district can file a School Support Declaration to declare their Roman Catholic faith.  Failure to return this notice results in the property being assessed as public, and education property taxes are then directed to the Alberta School Foundation Fund.  Regardless of declaration, all funds are redistributed on an equal per-student amount to the public and separate school boards.

If you wish to change your school support designation, a new School Support Declaration form must be completed and sent to the Tax Department by mail, fax or email. The change does not take effect until the following calendar year.

Why do I pay school taxes if I don't have any children in school?

Canada has a strong education system and the costs of education are the responsibility of society. If you were educated in Canada, the cost of your education was largely paid for by the previous generation of taxpayers.

Municipal Taxes

The Tax Rate Bylaw sets property tax rates for property owners. Property taxes are determined by multiplying individual property assessment values by the tax rates. Council sets the tax rate based on the required revenue needed to pay for County services. Individual assessments and taxes usually change each year due to the requirements of the annual budget and year-to-year changes to property values. 

Seniors' Lodge Services

The County receives a requisition from the Meridian Foundation and the Evergreens Foundation which provide affordable seniors housing. Under the Alberta Housing Act, the County is required to collect these funds from municipal property owners, similar to the education requisition. Parkland County cannot change this requisition amount.

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Was your property destroyed by fire?

If your home has been destroyed by fire then you may be eligible for municipal tax relief.

You must apply in writing within six months of your home being destroyed.

All requests are submitted to Council for approval.

Contact assessment& for more information

Council Policy C-FI114 Burn Downs-Refund of Taxes