The Fire Prevention Office provides inspection services and works with Planning and Development around Fire and Building Code compliance. Our Safety Codes Officers provide public education, home and business inspections, and code enforcement within Parkland County.

Commercial, industrial, and public assembly buildings are inspected regularly to educate business and property owners about fire and community safety, and to identify any fire or life safety issues. We're committed to making Parkland County a safer place to live, work, and play.

Fire Safety Plan

Most any project/and certain occupancies will require a Fire Safety Plan that is on site for anyone working, visiting, living on site or responding to emergencies to reference in case of emergency. 

It is a requirement of the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition) and a copy should be submitted to the Fire Department at the time of building permit application. The plan must be reviewed at least every 12 months to ensure consideration of any changes in use or building characteristics.

A copy of this plan must remain on site for access to anyone entering the premises. A fire safety plan for occupancies establishes minimum requirements that provide a reasonable degree of life safety from fire and similar emergencies.

Plans must comply with the Alberta Building Code, Alberta Fire Code and other applicable laws and regulations. Owner, Renters, Leasers, Contractors or those responsible for the site must post a copy and provide one for the Fire Department for review.


When is a Fire Safety Plan required?

A Fire Safety Plan is required for:

  • Buildings with Fire Alarm Systems as required by the Fire Code
  • Any Hot Works, Hot Surface, and Open flame projects
  • Small buildings, including housing and small building projects
  • Unoccupied building projects
  • Buildings less than 600 square meters
  • Structures three stories or less in height
  • Projects more than $5,000 in value.
When is a Fire Safety Plan not required?
Fire Safety Plans are not required for projects less than $5000 such as:
  • A utility shed less than 10 square meters (108 square feet)
  • Re-shingling a roof
  • Installing eavestroughs
  • Reinstalling or replacing kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing
  • Erecting a fence

If you are still unsure if your project, occupancy or location requires a Fire Safety Plan please contact the Planning and Development Offices for clarification.

Your responsibilities as an owner/occupant

Every property within Parkland County must adhere to the National Building Code (Alberta Edition), the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition) and the [Insert Link] bylaws of Parkland County.  It is your responsibility to comply with all necessary codes and bylaws.

Parkland County has a Building Inspections Program that helps residents stay compliant with the Fire and Building code requirements. For a checklist or guidelines for required occupancy inspection and testing see the links below.

Inspections are conducted under the Authority of the Safety Codes Act and Parkland County's Quality Management Plan and are compliant with the requirements of the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition).

Inspections protect the health and safety of you, your business, your clients and first responders who may need to work in and around your building.

Schedule a Fire Inspection

For an appointment or information please contact the Fire Prevention Office at 780-968-8338 or email Fire Inspections to arrange an inspection of your business or occupancy.