Parkland County owns and maintains 10 cemeteries and is committed to ensuring that each remains a place of comfort, peace, and tranquility.

The Community Services department oversees the caretaking of all County owned cemeteries and manages the sale of plots, record keeping, grounds maintenance, marking plots, and the opening of plots for inurnment burials.

Cemeteries Maintained by Parkland County

  • Entwistle Cemetery, 53218 Range Rd. 74A
  • Fallis Cemetery, 53215 Range Rd. 52
  • Highvale Cemetery, 4018 Hwy. 627
  • Keephills Cemetery, 51402 Range Rd. 35
  • Round Valley Cemetery, 7128 Hwy. 624
  • Smithfield Cemetery, 53013 Range Rd. 34
  • Sundance Cemetery, 5232 Township Rd. 524
  • Tomahawk Cemetery, 51131 Range Rd. 55
  • Wabamun Cemetery, 5009 52 Ave. Wabamun
  • Woodland Cemetery, 51331 Range Rd. 43

Cemetery Standards

  • The plot may contain: 
    • 2 caskets
    • 1 casket with up to 3 urns
    • 1 to 4 urns
  • The opening and closing of plots for casket burials is arranged by the plot purchaser or family members of the deceased, usually with the assistance of a funeral director. County staff will mark the plot prior to excavation.
  • All casket burials require a concrete vault liner at the time of the burial. Liners are the responsibility of the plot purchaser and must be purchased from an independent vendor.
  • When a plot must be marked for urn burials, a minimum of 72 hours shall be given to the County prior. Saturdays, Sundays, statutory or declared holidays shall not be counted as regular working days.
  • The planting of flowers, shrubs or trees near plots is not permitted.
  • Any articles, flowers, memorials, or monuments that become unsightly, will be removed.
  • Donations of benches or trees may be accepted, as per the discretion and prior consent of the County.


A burial permit or death certificate (or equivalent), must be provided to the County prior to all burials.


Parkland County Cemetery Fees
Cemetery Plot FeesResidentNon-Resident*
Burial $500.00 + GST $1,200.00 + GST
Cremation  $500.00 + GST $1,200.00 + GST

The rates for Resident and Non-Resident do not include opening and closing of graves. Opening  and closing  costs will be charged the market rate at time of burial.

*Residents of the City of Spruce Grove and Stony Plain are considered as non-residents as the cemeteries are owned and operated by Parkland County.  Former County residents (for at least 10 years) who have moved out of the County at retirement will be charged a "resident fee" for burial.

Wabamun Cemetery Fees
Wabamun CemeteryFee/Charge

Columbarium Niche


Memorial Plaque Space


Niche Plaque


Memorial Plaque


Columbarium Niche

 Open on Weekdays (Except Holidays)

Columbarium Niche

Close on Weekdays (Except Holidays)

Columbarium Niche


Open on Weekend (Except Holidays)


Columbarium Niche


Close on Weekend (Except Holidays)


Niche Plaque Instillation


Weekdays (Except Holidays)


Memorial Plaque Instillation


Weekdays (Except Holidays)


Headstones & Markers

  • Headstones and markers in Parkland County cemeteries much be constructed of permanently lasting materials.
  • Headstones and markers are only permitted where a person has been interred.
  • Headstones and monuments can be no more than four feet in height, and no wider than the plot.
  • The County does not accept responsibility for damage, theft, vandalism, or normal wear from cemetery maintenance. Inquire with your home insurance provider for separate rider to cover monument damages.
  • When a plot must be marked for headstones and marker installation, a minimum of 72 hours shall be given to the County prior. Saturdays, Sundays, statutory or declared holidays shall not be counted as regular working days.


Maps of all cemeteries in Parkland County

Maps of all cemeteries maintained by Parkland County