Formerly known as hay permits, an agricultural land license allows residents the opportunity to use public lands for the purpose of haying. Parkland County may consider the conversion of the hay land into pasture land upon written request and internal evaluation.

Minimum bids   

Minimum bids are as follows:

  • Licenses are awarded on a tender basis for reserves parcels within subdivision at a minimum of $10.00 per acre plus GST. Hay Only
  • Licenses are awarded on a tender basis for reserves and county freehold land out of subdivision at a minimum of $12.00 per acre plus GST. Hay and occasionally Grazing with county authorization. 
License term

Agricultural Tender:

The license term begins June 1 of each year and automatically renews annually for the term of the license. The annual license fee will be invoiced on or before the anniversary date for each year of the term. Should the County or license holder wish to cancel the agreement, notice must be given 30 days before the effective date.

THE 2023 AGRICULTURE LICENSE TENDER CLOSED ON MAY 26, 2023. Lands are currently still available for an annual license.

 Annual License:

Should a parcel of land not be successfully tendered, they may be licensed for a one year term. See below for available parcels.

Further inquiries, contact

Submission details

All completed packages must include a completed copy of the Agricultural Land License from the Tender package along with a deposit equal to the total sum of the first years fees including GST. If your tender is successful, the deposit will be processed and the license fully executed with a copy being returned for the licensees records; if your tender is not successful, the deposit will be returned.

Ensure to put into the license, the property information as shown in the above table. Should you wish to bid for more than one parcel, a license agreement must be submitted separately for each. Return in sealed envelope your completed tender no later than 4:30 PM on date of closing to: 

Parkland County 

Subject: Agricultural Land License Tender

53109A Hwy 779

Parkland County, AB T7Z 1R1

Parkland County reserves the right to accept or reject bids at its discretion as well as to accept a bid other than the highest bid without stating reasons. Other factors used in determining a successful bid include but are not limited to past management of a licensed area, improper use and past payment of fees. 

For more information on the Agricultural Land Licensing program, contact Parkland County's Municipal Land Management Department at 780-968-8888 ext. 8634 or via email at