The Wabamun Lake Sub Watershed Management Plan was accepted by Parkland County Council as information by resolution on November 8, 2016.

The Wabamun Lake Subwatershed Land Use Plan comprised four phases:

Lake Wabamun and the surrounding watershed is one of the crown jewels of Parkland County, providing benefits to residents, businesses, landowners, and visitors.

Parkland County, with its provincial and municipal partners, stakeholders, indigenous communities and residents, has developed the Wabamun Lake Sub-Watershed Land Use Plan.

The plan creates a future vision and provides direction and support to all land use decision makers in the watershed. The plan also provides land use actions that ultimately affect:

  • surface water quality
  • groundwater quality and quantity
  • upland/riparian health
  • health of our watershed
    • environmental impacts of our development
  • watershed knowledge
  • community stewardship