County Council appoints residents to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB). The SDAB:

  • Hears and makes decisions on appeals related to stop orders, developments and subdivisions
  • Functions in accordance with the Municipal Government Act and the Parkland County SDAB Bylaw
  • Hears complaints and functions like a legal court
  • Examines evidence and applies legal rules to their findings
  • Makes decisions after conducting a fair hearing that complies with legislation, administrative law and the principles
    of natural justice
  • Makes final decisions that cannot be overturned unless an error in some aspect of law or jurisdiction
Who can file an appeal and what are the steps?

You can appeal a development authority's decision if:

  • Your development permit application has been refused

  • Your development permit application was approved with conditions that are unacceptable to you

  • You have been issued a stop order directing you to stop construction or stop the present use of your property

  • You will be affected by a new development or new use of someone else's property

  • If a development authority refuses/ fails to issue a development permit within 40 days of receipt of the application

You can appeal the subdivision authority's decision if:

  • Your subdivision application has been refused

  • Your subdivision application was approved with conditions that are unacceptable to you

  • If a subdivision authority refuses/fails to make a decision on an application for subdivision approval within 60 days of receipt of the application

Filing an Appeal

Before filing an appeal:

  • Talk to the applicant

  • Consult the Development Planner/ Planner to ensure that you have all the information about the proposed development or subdivision

  • Speak with SDAB staff if you have questions about the appeal process

  • Seek legal advice if you require further assistance

Appealing a decision

To appeal a decision:

  • Review the SDAB Info Guide
  • Submit a completed Notice of Appeal form 

  • Pay the required fee within 21 days of notice of the decision.

  • If an appeal arrives after the 21-day deadline, the Board will decide whether or not it has the right to hear the appeal.

All documents and evidence must be submitted 7 days before the hearing to be included in the package to the Board. The SDAB may accept evidence after the deadline at their discretion.

Appeal Fees

 A filing fee is required for each of the following appeals:


Appeal Fee - Development permit - Non-Applicant 


 Appeal Fee - Development permit -Applicant 


Stop order 


Subdivision application     


The appropriate fee must accompany your appeal or it is considered incomplete and will not be processed.Appeal fees can be paid by cheque payable to Parkland County. Appeal fees can also be paid by using VISA, MasterCard, debit or cash in person at the Parkland County Centre, 53109A Hwy. 779, Parkland County, Alberta.