Council has made the following proclamations:
Family Violence Prevention Month
November 2023

WHEREAS; there are many people in Alberta who have lived or are living in abusive family environments; 

AND WHEREAS; the cycle of violence may be carried on from generation to generation; 

AND WHEREAS; individuals and communities have the power to break the cycle of violence. 

NOW THEREFORE, The Council of Parkland County does hereby proclaim the month of November 2023 to be Family Violence Prevention Month in Parkland County. 

Seniors' Fall Prevention Month

November 2023

WHEREAS; seniors are a vital part of our families, communities and province, giving generously of their wisdom, experience and love; 

AND WHEREAS; one in three seniors will fall each year, with 50% of them failing repeatedly, 

AND WHEREAS; seniors have nine times more falls than other groups in Alberta; 

AND WHEREAS; falls among our seniors will result in over 7,200 hospital admissions and over 19,400 emergency department visits each year; 

AND WHEREAS; falling, and the fear of falling, can lead to depression and hopelessness, loss of mobility, and loss of independence; 

AND WHEREAS; individuals and organizations from a multiple of disciplines across Alberta are working together to increase awareness of this issue and encourage Albertans to take steps to prevent falling; 

AND WHEREAS; the quality of life is improved for Alberta seniors who remain healthy, active and independent. 

NOW THEREFORE, The Council of Parkland County does hereby proclaim November 2023 to be Seniors’ Fall Prevention Month in Parkland County. 

Restorative Justice Week

November 19-25, 2023

WHEREAS; in the face of crime or conflict, restorative justice offers a philosophy and approach that views these matters principally as harm done to people and relationships; 

AND WHEREAS; restorative justice approaches strive to provide support and opportunities for the voluntary participation and communication between those affected by crime and conflict (victims, offenders, community) to encourage accountability, reparation and a movement towards understanding, feeling of satisfaction, healing and closure; 

AND WHEREAS; Restorative Justice Week, it is an opportunity to learn, educate and celebrate along with other communities across the country about restorative justice during the week. 

NOW THEREFORE, The Council of Parkland County does hereby proclaim November 19 – 25, 2023 as Restorative Justice Week in Parkland County. 


November 15, 2023

WHEREAS; International Geographic Information System (GIS) Day is November 15, 2023; 

AND WHEREAS; GIS is an important part of geography awareness; 

AND WHEREAS; GIS Day is a globally–recognized event that allows users and vendors to showcase real-world applications of GIS technology; 

AND WHEREAS; GIS Day is a day set aside to demonstrate how Parkland County is using data, technology and specialized software to make well informed decisions; 

AND WHEREAS; Parkland County is committed to expanding GIS to the schools and general public in order to showcase real-world applications with GIS; 

NOW THEREFORE, The Council of Parkland County does hereby proclaim Wednesday, November 15, 2023 as “Geographic Information System Day” in Parkland County. 

World Pancreatic Cancer Day

November 16, 2023

WHEREAS; in 2023, an estimated 6,900 Canadians will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 4,800 will die from the disease; pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all major cancers, and just 2 to 10 percent of those diagnosed survive 5 years; 

AND WHEREAS; pancreatic cancer can strike anyone, regardless of age, gender or circumstances, and pancreatic cancer has had minimal advancements in the last 40 years, and it is projected to become the third leading cause of all cancer deaths in the next year; 

AND WHEREAS; late diagnosis is the number one reason pancreatic cancer is so deadly and only 10-20% of patients are diagnosed in time to be eligible for surgery; outcomes are worsening amid rising survival rates for most other cancers; 

AND WHEREAS; the good health and well-being of the residents of Parkland County are enhanced as a direct result of increased awareness about the risks and symptoms of pancreatic cancer and research into early detection, causes, and effective treatments; 

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Parkland County Council does hereby proclaim November 16th, 2023 as World Pancreatic Cancer Day in Parkland County.