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Council holds two types of meetings:

  1. Council meetings
  2. Governance and Priorities Committee meetings

The meetings start at 9:00 a.m. and are held in Council Chambers at Parkland County Centre unless otherwise posted. All Council meetings are open to the public.

Council meetings

Council meetings are more formal. Council makes decisions on important matters in the community.

Council meetings are normally scheduled for the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. 

Governance and Priorities Committee meetings

Governance and Priorities Committee meetings are less formal and allow administration to share information as well as discuss issues and ideas.

Governance and Priorities Committee meetings are normally scheduled for the first and third Tuesday of each month.


Complete copies of the agendas for both Council and Governance and Priorities meetings are posted on the Parkland County website.


Meetings are held in the Council Chambers, however, hybrid attendance via Zoom is also available. Please see the Speak at a Council Meeting page for more information. 

Please note:

  • Registration is not required for in-person attendance.

  • For Zoom virtual attendance, registration is required by 12:00 p.m., the business day prior to the scheduled meeting. If you wish to attend via Zoom virtual attendance, please email governanceagendas@parklandcounty.com to register.
Watch the Meetings

Tune in to watch live meetings as they happen or find recordings of previous meetings

For meetings between March 23, 2021 - July 13, 2021, and following September 14, 2021 you can find the past live streams in the playlist on YouTube.

Missed a Meeting?
No problem! Visit our Council Recap page for an overview of what was discussed and decided.