Municipal Land Management

Parkland County recognizes land is a non-renewable resource, and one of the greatest assets for future generations. As such, we must ensure it is managed, acquired and disposed of responsibly, in accordance with Council Policy C-AD53.

The Municipal Land Management Department oversees the management and disposal of County titled land as well as interests in County land. Currently, Parkland County has title to over 2000 properties, as well as numerous Crown Dispositions, mineral and surface rights.  

Land Interest for Municipal Needs

The County Land Agent oversees the acquisitions of the land or interests in land as required for Capital Projects and Corporate Initiatives. 

Private Interest in County Land

Agricultural Land Licensing Program

Parkland County offers Municipal Reserve lands to be licensed for the purpose of agricultural use. Every year the County prepares a list of lands available for Tender as per Council Policy C-AG23. 

Visit our Agricultural Land Licenses page for more info.


Seasonal Docks and Moorings – Provincial Requirements

The Government of Alberta (GoA) governs water bodies and shores within the province. This includes the placement of seasonal boat docks and mooring structures within provincial waters.   

Lake ownership is classified as waterfront, semi-waterfront, or back lot. Definitions and diagrams of ownership can be found on the Government of Alberta's Mooring Disturbance Standard - Shared-Docks Fact Sheet.

Semi-waterfont and Water Front Owners:

The new Disturbance Standard (April 2021), if followed, eliminates the need for water front lot owners and semi-waterfront owners to obtain written permission from the County and Province, by providing a general permission.

Back Lot Owners

Under the new standard, back lot owners are still required to obtain a Temporary Field Authorizations (TFA) for seasonal boat docks, lifts and swim platforms. As part of the TFA, written authorization from waterfront owner is required. In many cases, your local municipality is the waterfront owner.

Steps for back lot owners to apply:

1.      Review the User Guide for Dock Authorizations (2021). The guide outlines the steps and requirements to obtain a TFA from the Province.

2.     Complete and submit the Seasonal Use - County Lands: Docks and Moorings application to the County for review and authorization. Completed applications can be emailed to or dropped off at the County Center office drop box. Include payment or invoicing information. 

3.     Apply for a Temporary Field Authorizations (TFA) through the Province.

 How do I identify my type of lake ownership?

  1. Find your property on DiscoverParkland.
  2. Using this tool, identify any land between yourself and the water's edge.
    • A DiscoverParkland user manual is available on our maps page.


Leases and sales of underdeveloped road allowances

Once road allowances have been closed by Bylaw, they are referred to Municipal Land Management for the completion of the sale or lease, including the annual maintenance of County leased lands. 

Sale of County Land

Parkland County occasionally receives requests to sell County titled lands; both freehold and reserve. All requests are reviewed for feasibility based on requirements set forth in the Municipal Government Act - MGA and County Policies. Application fees apply.

License of occupation – County Land

All requests will be required to go through an internal, and occasionally external, review to ensure they comply with requirements set forth in County Policies and the Municipal Government Act. Application fees apply.

For more information on any of the above programs, please contact Municipal Land Management at