What is a Hamlet?

Hamlets are unincorporated urban communities within the County that provide a range of land uses, housing types, employment and amenities to a local service area. Parkland County’s hamlets range in both population size and service level.

Parkland County has eight Hamlets; Entwistle, Gainford, Fallis, Duffield, Carvel, Tomahawk, Keephills, and Wabamun

These hamlets each have a unique history and relationship with their surrounding agricultural areas and are an important part of the County’s identity. The County supports continued prosperity and growth in hamlets where adequate infrastructure and land is available.

To view these hamlets and their boundaries please use our Discover Parkland tool.

Hamlet Map

Hamlet Reinvestment Strategy


An online survey was conducted in November 2021, to collect input on resident satisfaction with community infrastructure and services. The information provided was used to build a Hamlet Reinvestment Strategy

The objectives of the Hamlet Reinvestment  Strategy are to:

• Confirm proposed long-term objectives for the County’s hamlets that suit both the individual hamlets, their surrounding areas, and the County as a whole;

• Identify the appropriateness, effectiveness,  and efficiency of current services and service levels; and,

• Develop prioritized work plans for the hamlets based on research and analysis, as well as timeline, budget, and capacity constraints.