The Future of Agriculture Study was received for information by Council resolution on January 10, 2017. 

Parkland County faces increasing growth and development pressures. These forces compete for land and resources making decisions complex and challenging. At the same time, agriculture continues to evolve in the face of changing markets, economic conditions and the structure of farm ownership. The Future of Agriculture Study addresses three questions:

  1. What types of agriculture have a long-term sustainable future in Parkland County?
  2. What is the vision for agriculture within Parkland County?
  3. What planning policies and tools facilitate or support the types of agriculture that have the best fit for the future of Parkland County?

vision for agriculture in Parkland County

A vibrant agriculture and food community characterized by its diversity, creativity and entrepreneurship, focused on growth as well as new opportunities in the Capital Region.

Principles to guide the study

Four principles were used to guide the development of policies and programs to achieve the Vision for Agriculture:

  1. Integrated approach - recognition that a viable agriculture and food sector will require an integrated and supportive set of policies including land use, economic development and infrastructure investment.
  2. Supportive land use policies - the design and implementation of land use policies that assure the long-term future of agriculture. These polices need to respond to the context of different areas.
  3. Entrepreneurial culture - building and supporting an entrepreneurial business culture for the development and attraction of diversified, progressive agribusinesses, emerging enterprises and agri-tourism opportunities.
  4. Fostering local leadership - the creation of new momentum for a range of potential new directions and initiatives requires strong, committed, local leadership both within the community and politically.