What is a conceptual scheme?

A conceptual scheme, formerly known as an outline plan, is a plan for a proposed multi-parcel subdivision and how it relates to:

  • existing and future parcels
  • future subdivision and development of adjacent areas,
  • access and roads,
  • servicing,
  • engineering design
  • environmental and community considerations and;
  • reserves

 In many cases a Conceptual Scheme will be required to be developed in support of other Planning Applications including SubdivisionRedistricting and/or Statutory Plan Amendments and will be processed together.  The Conceptual Scheme is a technical document that provides a snapshot of the development and provides the additional details required in support of an application.

Conceptual schemes are typically required when:

  • Large scale industrial development projects in undeveloped and unserviced areas, the minimum planning area for this type of application is one (1) full section (640 acres) of land. 
  • Large scale Country Residential or Recreational Resort development located in previously undeveloped and unserviced areas.  In Country Residential areas the maximum density is 50 parcels per quarter section.  The minimum planning area for this type of application is typically one (1) quarter section (160 acres). 
  • Infill subdivisions in Country Residential or Commercial/Industrial areas where larger, mature subdivisions are existing.  Conceptual Schemes are required when the parcel density per quarter section exceeds four (4) titles (3 parcels + the remnant parcel).  An example of this is subdivision of a 5 acre parcel out of an existing 40 acre parcel in Woodbend-Graminia or Glory Hills areas.  The Conceptual Scheme must demonstrate that the proposed subdivision will not conflict with the future redevelopment of the quarter section (and adjacent lands) and is intended to ensure connectivity between subdivisions.

Conceptual Scheme Approvals

 Industrial conceptual schemes and those that are submitted with bylaw amendments must be approved by Council resolution, while conceptual schemes that comply with the existing districting (zoning) and Area Structure Plan are approved by the Director of Planning and Development Services.  A Conceptual Scheme may be required as supporting background for a Redistricting or Statutory or Non-Statutory plan amendment.


Getting Started

If a County Planner has identified the need for a Conceptual Scheme for your subdivision or development proposal, significant pre-application discussions should be expected.  After an initial consultation with a County Planner, they will provide you with a letter that outlines the technical requirements of the proposal.  Once this has been received your next step will be to contract with an accredited Land Use Planning Consultant.  A planning consultant will work through the planning process with you, and can coordinate the technical aspects of an application and will be in regular contact with County Planners as they prepare the application.  It is recommended that a number of quotes for professional services be obtained, it is important for a landowner entering into a contract with third party consultants understand the deliverables and the payment schedule expected by the consultant(s). 


If you have further questions please contact a County Planner at 780-968-8888 or subdivision@parklandcounty.com


Application package

Our conceptual scheme application package, including an outline of the process, the application, and terms of reference can be found with Parkland County's Applications, Licenses and Permits.  Planning and Development Services have developed standard Conceptual Scheme templates which are required to be used for formal submission, these will be provided during the pre-application process.

Council approved outline plans/conceptual schemes

Outline PlanApproved Date

Acheson Zone 5

NE-31-51-26-W4, NE-31-52-26-W4, NW-32-52-26-W4, & SW-32-52-26-W4




Trestle Creek Golf Resort 

Section 12-53-7-W5M



Acheson Zone 7 

Section 28-52-26-W4M


Acheson Zone 6
Section 34-52-26-W4M


Acheson Zone 2
Section 11-53-26-W4M


The following sections of Range 4, Township 53:
15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 and 30, W5M


West Point Estates (North)
N1/2 of 9-52-2-W5


Morgan Creek Business Park
N1/2 and S1/2 of 05-53-26-W4