Rural opportunity meets urban accessibility. With over 1.7 million acres of farmland near the benefits of a bustling city, Parkland County offers a multitude of exciting business opportunities in the Value-Added Agriculture sector. Whether you're an established Agri-business or an aspiring entrepreneur, Parkland County is the perfect place to grow your agricultural ventures. 

Direct access 

Parkland County's strategic location places you at the crossroads of agricultural inputs and buying markets. From fertilizers and seeds to equipment and labor, everything you need for successful agribusiness is within arm's reach. Simultaneously, you're connected to diverse buying markets, ensuring efficient distribution and access to consumers eager for your value-added agricultural products. 

Easy distribution with multimodal access 

Efficient transportation is the backbone of any agricultural venture. Parkland County offers access to multimodal distribution networks, including road, rail, and water routes. This interconnected infrastructure streamlines the movement of goods and minimizes transportation costs, guaranteeing that your products reach consumers promptly. 

Prime Agriculture Land 

In Parkland County, you're surrounded by fertile farmland ready for cultivation and expansion. The vast expanse of arable land ensures you have ample space to grow the crops and raise the livestock needed for your value-added agricultural operations. The possibilities are limitless, and the land is yours to cultivate. 

Reliable Water Supply  

Water is essential for agriculture, and Parkland County's infrastructure is designed to meet the large water requirements of your agribusiness. With a dependable and ample water supply, you can irrigate your fields, nurture your livestock, and support your food processing needs with peace of mind. 

Site Opportunities with Rail Sidings 

Parkland County offers you large development sites with rail sidings, making it easier to transport agricultural goods efficiently. These well-equipped sites open up opportunities for expansion, processing, and distribution, all while seamlessly integrating with the existing rail network. 

Producers Willing to Partner 

Collaboration is key to success in the agricultural sector. In Parkland County, you'll find a community of like-minded producers who are open to partnerships. Pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise can lead to innovation and growth in your value-added agricultural endeavors. 

Support Ecosystem 

A thriving value-added agriculture sector needs essential support services. Parkland County is home to a range of support services, including feed mills, grain elevators, and seed cleaning plants to support your value-added ag business. 


We’re proud to have these value-added agriculture businesses in our region. 


Value-Added Agriculture Companies in Parkland County


With its unique blend of rural charm and urban connectivity, this region is your gateway to a prosperous agricultural future. Get in touch with us today to explore the endless possibilities that await you in this vibrant agricultural hub. 

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