When it comes to establishing your presence in the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics industry, location matters. We don't just meet your logistics needs; we exceed them.   

With direct access to major transportation arteries, including the Canadian National Mainline, TransCanada highway, and CANAMEX corridor, Parkland County seamlessly connects your business to markets near and far.  

Our expansive land availability, designed to accommodate distribution centers, offers the space and resources you need to optimize your supply chain, while proximity to sizable markets ensures your products reach their destination with unparalleled speed and cost-effectiveness.

Discover how our strategic location makes us the ideal choice for your TDL operations. 

Direct Access 

Parkland County is strategically located with direct access to the Canadian National Mainline, TransCanada highway, and CANAMEX corridor. This means unparalleled connectivity to major transportation routes, making your logistics smoother and more efficient. 

Land Availability 

We understand the unique needs of distribution centers, which is why we offer expansive land availability, complete with yard space and truck access. Whether you require room for storage or streamlined loading and unloading, we've got you covered. 

450 acres: shovel ready land 

1000 acres: ready in 2 years 

Proximity to Sizeable Markets 

Our location is strategically placed near thriving markets, ensuring that your products are closer to your customers. This proximity can lead to reduced transit times and lower shipping costs. 

Proximity to Intermodal Centers rail

Benefit from easy access to intermodal transportation hubs, facilitating the seamless transfer of goods between different modes of transportation. 

Proximity to Airports travel, global, plane

Our location provides convenient access to nearby airports, enabling swift air cargo services for your business. 

Edmonton International Airport: 30 km/19mi  

Villeneuve Airport: 15 km/9mi 

Heavy-Haul Rated Road Infrastructure road

Our road infrastructure is heavy-haul rated, ensuring that you can efficiently transport oversized and heavy cargo with ease. 


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