A statutory plan is a legal document that guides the development of an area within a municipality. In Parkland County, we have two levels of statutory plans and policy direction that guide development – our Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and various area structure plans (ASPs), and Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs).

We approve statutory plans as bylaws through the public hearing process, as per the Municipal Government Act. As a member of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board, all of our statutory plans must be in alignment with the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan.

It may be necessary for you to amend a statutory plan, or create a new plan, as part of your subdivision or development proposal. You will need to follow the steps outlined to prepare and submit your application with the County.

Amend a statutory plan or introduce a new plan

If a developer wishes to amend the MDP or an existing ASP because their proposed development does not match the policies within one (or both) of these statutory plans, the developer will need to prepare and submit a planning application with the County.

If a developer wishes to introduce a new ASP, we would consider this application in the same way as an amendment proposal/application. Often, when a statutory plan is amended, it is one part of a larger development concept, and it may be submitted along with a Land Use Bylaw Amendment, Conceptual Scheme, or Subdivision.

Apply for a statutory plan amendment

Follow the steps below if a County planner has identified the need for a statutory plan amendment or new area structure plan for your subdivision or development proposal.

The scope, scale and complexity of planning applications vary greatly depending on the project and can take you and your consultants months, or even years to complete. Timelines are at the discretion of the applicant and landowner.

  1. Attend a pre-consultation meeting

Arrange for a pre-consultation meeting with a County planner by calling us at 780-968-8888 or emailing us at subdivision@parklandcounty.com. The planner will provide you with a letter that outlines the technical (engineering and planning) requirements of the proposal.

2. Contract with an accredited land use planning consultant

Once you have received the requirements, work with an accredited land use planning consultant. The consultant will work through the planning process with you and coordinate the technical aspects of an application. They will be in regular contact with County planners as they prepare the application.

We recommend getting multiple quotes from a variety of land use planning consultants before choosing the one right for them. This helps you understand costs, deliverables and payment schedules expected by each consultant.

3. Completion of application and processing

Once your application is formally accepted and considered complete by the County, the planner assigned to your file will follow a standard procedure to process the application, which includes:

  • Formal referral for review and comment is completed by relevant stakeholders, including adjacent landowners, provincial agencies, utility companies and other County departments
  • The County planner will collect comments from various stakeholders and present them to the applicant, notifying them of any additional work or revisions to be made to the application documents
  • The applicant will undertake the additional work and revisions, if required, then resubmit the application documents to the County for a second review. This cycle continues until the stakeholders accept the document as complete
  • Once all stakeholders notify the planner that they have no objections, the application is prepared for Council presentation and processing in a formal public hearing

About the Municipal Development Plan

Our Municipal Development Plan (MDP) establishes a vision for the future for the County's growth for the next 30 years. It identifies where residential, industrial and recreational growth and development will occur. The MDP also contains policies for future land use, infrastructure and transportation requirements, and areas for environmental protection.

Learn more about the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and its approved amendments. 

Get involved with our Municipal Development Plan Engagement Project!

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About area structure plans

Parkland County's area structure plans (ASPs) outline detailed policies for growth and future land use designations of specific areas of the County. View a complete list of current area structure plans (ASPs) for various areas in the County.