For your convenience, we have compiled a collection of Diagrams that may be of benefit when installing certain electrical, gas, plumbing, and private sewage components.

The diagrams contained herein are samples only and do not represent the only way, method or materials that will achieve code compliance.

Electrical Diagrams

Underground Installation – electrical only

Underground Installation – electrical and gas in the same trench

Gas / Propane Diagrams

Natural gas meter set w/ connection to secondary riser

Natural gas service riser and meter set connection

Natural gas swing joints 1

Natural gas swing joints 2

Natural gas swing joints 3

Propane clearances (tankset / line regulator)

Propane tank distances

Underground installation - electrical and gas in same trench

Underground installation - gas secondary lines

Plumbing Diagrams

Kitchen Sink

Trap Venting

Rough In

Private Sewage Diagrams

Minimum Setbacks

Exterior pump vault detail

Holding tank with exterior pump vault

Open Discharge System

Septic Field System

Septic Mound System

Septic Tank w/ discharge to forced main

Septic tank w/ internal pump vault

Additionally, Alberta Municipal Affairs offers a Codes and Permits Safety Tips website with brochures on subjects like private sewage treatment systems, secondary suites, building a wood deck, and many more.

Parkland County Safety Codes Officers are also available for technical inquiries and can be reached at 780-968-8443.