Off-site levies are charges, established by Parkland County's Off-site Levy Bylaw, that help pay for roads and utilities that are outside (off-site) of a development or a subdivision. The requirement to pay off-site levies is triggered through application for a subdivision  or development permit.

The Municipal Government Act allows municipalities to regulate development by setting conditions that must be satisfied before development begins. These conditions may include fees and charges related to funding new or expanded infrastructure facilities, such as:

  • Storage, transmission, treatment or supply of water
  • Treatment, movement or disposal of sanitary sewage
  • Storm sewer transmission or drainage facilities
  • Roads required for, or impacted by, a subdivision or development
  • Land required for any of the above facilities

Where off-site levies are applied

Within Parkland County, off-site levies apply to parts of the land in and adjacent to:

  • Acheson Business Park area
  • Fifth Meridian Business Park area
  • Big Lake residential area north of Highway 16
  • County residential areas

Paying off-site levies

Off-site levies are collected once for each infrastructure type (transportation, water, sanitary and stormwater systems) as described in the Municipal Government Act. The levies must be paid upon:

  • The execution of a development agreement; or
  • Before the commencement of development; or
  • No later than the endorsement of a survey pan for registration at Land Titles

We will notify you of how and when to pay off-site levies as part of your application for subdivision or for a development permit.

Off-site levy exemptions

If a development or subdivision is, in the opinion of the County, not likely to place a burden on the water and/or sanitary and/or stormwater off-site infrastructure, then the development or subdivision may, subject to approved procedures, be considered exempt from off-site levy assessment and payment obligation.