Our region has evolved into a thriving manufacturing hub, where cutting-edge technology, skilled craftsmanship, and a commitment to excellence converge. With strategic advantages, a diverse talent pool, and infrastructure ready for growth, Parkland County is where the future of manufacturing comes to life. 

Strategic Location

Our region is strategically positioned to give your manufacturing business a competitive edge. Located near both raw material inputs and robust downstream markets, you can streamline your supply chain and deliver your products efficiently. 

Direct Access 

Parkland County is strategically located with direct access to the Canadian National Mainline, TransCanada highway, and CANAMEX corridor. This means unparalleled connectivity to major transportation routes, making your logistics smoother and more efficient. 

Infrastructure Ready for Growth

Our county is fully equipped with municipal servicing to accommodate your large infrastructure needs. From utilities to logistics, we've got you covered. 

Land Availability 

We have a significant supply of large parcel land that can be customized to fit your manufacturing requirements. Whether you're planning to build a new facility or expand an existing one, we have the space you need to succeed. 

450 acres: shovel ready land 

1000 acres: ready in 2 years 

Talent & Labour Force 

Parkland County has access to a skilled and diverse workforce, predominantly pulled from nearby Edmonton (5km). With top post-secondary institution like the University of Alberta and NAIT, whether you need engineers, skilled tradespeople, or experts in machine learning and automation, our region is home to a pool of talent ready to contribute to your success. 

Affordable and Reliable Energy Supply 

Manufacturing demands a steady and affordable energy supply, and Parkland County delivers just that. We have access to an ample and cost-effective energy supply to keep your operations running smoothly. 

Join these manufacturing businesses in calling Parkland County home 

 Manufacturing in Parkland County

With all these advantages, Parkland County is the perfect location to set up or expand your manufacturing enterprise. Let’s get started. 

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