Delivering exceptional service and value to our business community is what we do best. Our concierge style approach connects you with the right people and supports you need to successfully grow your business here in Parkland County. 

Services our team offers: 

  • Connecting opportunities to multi-departmental resources such as Planning and Engineering 

  • Socializing opportunities to reduce regulatory risks associated with your investment 

  • Providing clarity around available infrastructure 

  • Minimizing risk to your deadlines 

  • Providing information critical to decision-making 

  • Facilitating site tours and deal matchmaking 

  • Providing resources to existing businesses to facility their growth in Parkland County.

Looking for additional business supports? 

We have a wide range of supports available to our business community. From business programs and grants and funding to industry-specific supports, we have it all. 

Explore business supports 

If you’re looking for a location for your next business venture or already an existing business here in Parkland County, we would love to hear from you!