Located adjacent to the TransCanada Highway, Entwistle Industrial Area provides economic opportunity for industries requiring premier logistics access, such as energy services, distribution, agricultural services, and commercial services.  


With its rural charm, Entwistle Industrial Area provides a slower pace of life for those fortunate enough to work within its limits. 



40 acres of developable non-residential land is available. Over 130 acres have already been developed. 



The Entwistle Industrial Area is located along the eastern banks of the Pembina River within Parkland County, approximately 84 kilometres west of Edmonton. 

  • Located at the intersection of the Highway 16 and Highway 22. 

  • Highway 16 is the major east/west transportation corridor connecting Entwistle to the rest of western Canada. 

  • Highway 22 is a minor north/south transportation corridor that connects Entwistle to both northern and southern Alberta. 



Home to approximately 400 residents, the Hamlet of Entwistle provides the western segment of Parkland County’s population with service, employment and recreational opportunities. 


At the centre of the hamlet is the Entwistle Community Recreation Centre. This beautiful facility houses the Entwistle Public Library, provides both indoor and outdoor recreation space, and features the Entwistle Outdoor Pool.  



Entwistle Industrial Area falls under an approved area structure plan, which outline detailed policies for growth and future land use designations.