Alberta is Canada’s largest oil and gas producer. The Energy and Energy Services sector in our region offers a unique blend of strategic advantages, making it a compelling destination for businesses seeking growth and innovation in the energy industry. 

Infrastructure & Power Transmission  

With proximity to critical infrastructure and power transmission assets, including substations, you can efficiently distribute energy, reduce transmission losses, and ensure reliability. This geographic advantage simplifies the connection to regional power grids and minimizes infrastructure development costs. 

Gateway to the North 

Northern Alberta is a hub of energy projects. By establishing your operations in our region, you have direct transportation routes to the major players and projects in the industry. Be at the forefront of energy production, and benefit from the extensive network of pipelines, rail, and roadways that facilitate the transportation of energy resources to various markets. 

Thriving Ecosystem 

With a well-established ecosystem of businesses in Parkland County offering essential services in transportation, distribution & logistics, you'll find the support and resources needed to keep your operations running smoothly. This synergy ensures efficiency in procurement, maintenance, and supply chain management, reducing operational costs and boosting productivity. 

Appropriate Geology  

Our region boasts geology that is ideal for carbon capture and pipeline projects. The landscape is well-suited for pipeline infrastructure, allowing for efficient transportation of energy resources and reducing environmental impact. 

Abundant Skilled Trades Workforce 

Parkland County's robust skilled trades workforce is readily available, making it easier for businesses to find and retain the skilled labor they need.  

These are just some of the energy services that have found a home in Parkland County. 

energy services in parkland county

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