Development permits help ensure that buildings and activities on a property are suitable for the land use district, specific parcel, and are compatible with neighbouring properties. A development permit is written approval from Parkland County that your plans meet the regulations in the Land Use Bylaw (LUB). 

Do I need a development permit?

If you plan to construct a new building, alter an existing one, change how a property is being used, or change the scale to which a property is being used, you will need a development permit. 

Typical developments that require a permit include:

Once you have your development permit and safety code permits in place you may begin construction of your project.

What regulations are considered for a development permit?

A development permit application can consider information such as:

  • Whether a use is permitted or discretionary in your Land Use District
  • Intensity of a land use
  • Building height
  • Building site coverage
  • Setbacks from property lines
  • Proximity to environmentally sensitive areas
  • Impact to neighbours
  • Other development details (landscaping, lighting, parking, etc.)
  • Compliance with Parkland County's Municipal Development Plan and other statutory documents

You can find detailed regulations specific to your project in the LUB under your Land Use District and Section 11 and 12.

A development permit does not exempt you from applicable federal, provincial and other legislations, regulations and approval requirements. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure all applicable approvals are obtained before commencing a development. You must also comply with the conditions of any caveat, covenant, easement or other instrument affecting a building or land. If you are unsure if any of the items listed are registered to your property, you can obtain your Land Title from a provincial registry office. See Land Titles for more information on how to obtain your Land Title.

What is my Land Use District?
What is required for my development permit application?

For more information on requirements for different types of development permit applications, see the following:

Apply for a development permit

Submit your applications online using PLANit Parkland which makes it easier to apply, track your application status and correspondence, and view your approved development permits.  

Applying is easy following these three steps:  

1. Gather required documents for your application: 

  • Site Plan  
  • Elevation Drawings  
  • Floor Plans  
  • Certificate of Title (No older than 14 days) 
  • Landowner Authorization Form (signed by at least one landowner)  
  • Any other documents required (if applicable)

2. Create a PLANit Portal Account:  

You can find instructions on creating a portal account on the PLANit Help webpage, including a YouTube how-to-video.

3. Apply for your permit on the PLANit Portal: 

  • On the Portal Main Page, choose the area of application (Development Permits Application) 
  • the type of project (for example: New Home is “Development Permit – Residential”)
  • the Permit Type (example: New Home is “Dwelling – Single Detached”)
  • Make your way through the application steps and upload the documents you prepared 
What happens after I submit my application?  
  1. Intake review: we review your application to determine fees and notify you via email when fees are payable. Applications are not considered complete until fees are paid in full.
  2. Application review: The development planner will review your application to ensure all required documents are received. If we have all the information we need, we may not contact you until a decision is made.
  3. Decision: Following a detailed review, you will receive the results of the decision via email.
  4. Your Next Steps:
  • Obtain safety codes permits or other required approvals - make sure you obtain a building permit within 12 months of the issue date, or your development permit will be invalid.
  • complete any outstanding Conditions, if applicable
  • start your project

You can check the status of your application at any time via PLANit Parkland. Once the development permit is submitted, you can also submit your safety codes applications (also through PLANit).  

How long will it take to get my Development Permit?

Permit processing times vary depending on the volume of applications, type of development, complexity of the project, whether the development is Permitted or Discretionary, and location of the property.

Typical residential permits for Permitted Uses generally take 2-4 weeks when a complete application is received (all required documents and information are provided upon submission).

Typical commercial/industrial/and land preparation permit applications generally take 4-6 weeks when a complete application is received (all required documents and information are provided upon submission).

If additional information or revisions are required, these timelines may be increased.

Permitted Use vs. Discretionary Use
  • Permitted Use Development Permits
    • These are developments that comply with the Land Use Bylaw and fall under the Permitted Use section of the applicable land use district.
    • See your applicable Land Use District in Part 2 of the LUB for a full list of permitted uses.
  • Discretionary Use Development Permit
    • These are developments that require additional considerations to ensure they are suitable for the proposed location or require a relaxation to any regulations of the LUB (variance).
      • Discretionary Use Example: Secondary Suite in Country Residential District
      • Variance Example: Proposed garage does not meet required Development setbacks.
    • Discretionary Use permits are subject to a 21 day appeal period after approval. 
Application resources and checklists

You can view available forms required for your PLANit Parkland applications, as well as checklists and other resources to help you prepare for your project. With PLANit Help, you can find step-by-step instructions, videos and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you navigate PLANit Parkland.

The information you must submit varies depending on the type of project. Our application forms include checklists that help you determine what types of drawings and information are required.

Contact Planning and Development Services for Assistance

If you are planning a project and need assistance, you can contact one of the Planning and Development Services team members by calling 780-968-8888, emailing, or by visiting the Parkland County Centre. Our team members can help answer your questions about land use, development restrictions, permitting requirements and advise if you need permits from other agencies.

Book a pre-application meeting (for major developments)

If you are planning on developing a major project such as RV storage, gravel pit, campground, or other large-scale commercial development, book a pre-application meeting with Planning and Development Services by emailing The pre-application meeting request must include the meeting agenda (including any specific questions you may have), the proposed parcel, and a description of your proposed development (include any tentative drawings, if applicable). At this meeting, you can learn more about land use, development regulations and permitting requirements.

Development fees and charges

View fees associated with development and other applicable planning fees that may apply for your project. Permit fees vary based on the type, size and value of your project.