Access to air, rail and major highways means your goods reach your customers faster.

In Parkland County, your business can enjoy the benefits of being located near a major centre while having easier and less congested access to major transportation routes. Located just west of the City of Edmonton, Parkland County provides access to Alberta’s resource industries and supply chains, connections to domestic and international markets, a foundation of established businesses and a skilled labour market. 

Explore unparalleled access to trade corridors in Parkland County

access to trade corridors in Parkland County

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CANAMEX Corridor

The CANAMEX Corridor is a significant transportation route that connects Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Our proximity to this vital trade route ensures seamless access to a vast and dynamic market. Businesses in our vicinity benefit from streamlined logistics, reduced transportation costs, and strategic connections to key trade partners. The CANAMEX Corridor facilitates the swift movement of goods, providing a competitive edge in cross-border trade. Leverage our prime position to optimize supply chains, expand market reach, and stay agile in the ever-evolving landscape of international commerce.

CN Main Line to Port of Prince Rupert

Easily get your goods to global markets with access to the Port of Prince Rupert, the premier gateway to global trade. The CN main line runs right through Parkland County and connects you and your goods to the Port of Prince Rupert and the rest of the world. As the closest North American port to Asia-Pacific markets, take advantage of shorter shipping routes, reduced costs, and enhanced supply chain efficiency. Boasting a deep-water seaport, the Port of Prince Rupert accommodates large vessels, facilitating the seamless transportation of sizable cargo. All this to say, easy access to this key trade corridor means timely and cost-effective international trade.

Expansive highway network

Parkland County boasts access to major highways throughout the province, with the TransCanada highway running through the Acheson Industrial Area. 

From map outline highway network in Albertathe Acheson Industrial Area, most northern destinations can be reached in one trucking day, reducing every round-trip truck movement by 10 to 75 kilometres compared to other Edmonton region parks. With transportation costs exceeding 50 per cent of total logistics costs, this can mean huge savings. 
There's even more reason to locate your business in Parkland County

Cost competitiveness

Attracting quality business and investment to Parkland County is a strategic focus for us – it’s why we maintain one of the lowest non-residential tax rates in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. With some of the lowest land prices in the Edmon­ton region, Parkland County helps businesses stay cost competitive. The low land prices combined with low average development costs have continued to drive growth in the Acheson Industrial Area. Not to mention, competitive off-site levy rates,  low operating costs, ,and full water and wastewater servicing make it an easy choice to locate your business here.

Unmatched affordability and quality of life

Our people are what make our businesses thrive. Ensuring affordability and exceptional quality of life is an important aspect of maintaining a quality work force. With affordable housing solutions in suburban areas like Spruce Grove or Stony Plain, and the option for relaxing rural living on acreages in Parkland County, life is comfortable out here. The proximity to Edmonton allows for big city perks without having to endure all the congestion, traffic, and busy population.

Explore the many parks and trails in the area, float down the Pembina River in the summer, or enjoy a fire on the side of the North Saskatchewan River at Constable Chelsey Robinson Park. There is plenty to do, see, and experience in Parkland County.

Comprehensive Reports

We spend a lot of time planning for the success of our County. Our comprehensive planning documents like the Municipal Development Plan, Land Use Bylaw, and Acheson’s Area Structure and Master Plans, provide all the necessary information you’ll need to build your business from the ground up and thrive.
Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a high-level plan that establishes a vision for the future for the County's growth for the next 30 years. It sets this future direction by identifying where growth will occur including residential, industrial and recreational development. The MDP also contains policies for future land use, infrastructure and transportation requirements, and areas for environmental protection.

Learn more about the Municipal Development Plan

Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw regulates development activities within Parkland County with the goal of ensuring that neighbouring land uses are compatible and that what one person does on their property does not negatively impact their neighbours.

Learn about the Commercial and Industrial land use districts, which includes a set of regulations which outline the different land uses that can be considered on the parcel and development standards that must be followed. 

View the Land Use Bylaw

Acheson Area Structure and Master Plans

Acheson Area Structure Plan

The Acheson Industrial Area Structure Plan provides a comprehensive land use planning framework to guide the continued and future development of the Acheson Industrial Area in an orderly and efficient manner. The Acheson Industrial Area encourages a variety of employment opportunities and is responsive to changing local and regional economic trends, while recognizing the ecological benefits of environmentally significant areas within the Plan area. 

View the Acheson Area Structure Plan


Acheson Water, Wastewater and Traffic Impact Assessment

Parkland County has completed a Water Study, Wastewater Study and Traffic Impact Assessment to be used to guide infrastructure growth in the Acheson Industrial and Big Lake Residential Areas. Our investment in these studies saves prospective businesses and developers time and money when considering projects in the Acheson Industrial Area.

View Acheson and Big Lake Reports and Studies
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Talent & Labour Market

With access to 750,000 people within a 30-minute drive, there’s endless potential to populate your workforce.

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Thriving Industries

Parkland County is home to many global enterprises including Amazon, Champion PetFoods, Sysco, and more!

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Business Forward Programs

From major business incentives and site selection to supporting businesses located here, we pride ourselves on our business forward programs.

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