Whether you're new to the County, or you have a change in your County address, it is important to keep your information updated. You need to keep your address up to date with both Parkland County and Land Titles. If you move or buy a property within the County, be sure both organizations receive your up-to-date address information.

When you purchase a property in Parkland County we will be automatically notified of the change in ownership from Land Titles. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that your correct mailing address is registered with Land Titles.

If you need to change your mailing address you must complete a Change of Address form and return it to us.

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 Who do I have to change my address with? 
You have to change your address with both Parkland County and Land Titles. Be sure to complete both change of address forms and submit them to the respective places.
 What happens if you do not have the correct mailing address?
You may not receive your Property Assessment and Taxation Notice, or any other correspondence from Parkland County.