From industrial start-ups and expansion to home-based businesses, Parkland County offers some of the best economic development opportunities and industry supports in the Edmonton region.

Parkland County prides itself on providing residents with a great balance between lifestyle and work. A strong commercial/industrial sector allows employment opportunities, lower residential taxes, better amenities and opportunities for starting and growing your own business.

Depending on the project you are looking to start, there may be various permits and applications with Parkland County and/or other governing bodies to complete as part of your development and/or building process.

Our staff strive to make it as easy as possible to navigate the planning and development process so that you can be successful with your home, commercial or other land use/development project.  

Parkland County is the best place for your business to call home. Here is what sets it apart. 

Whether you are a large-scale business looking to expand or a home-based business looking at new opportunities, Parkland County will listen to your needs and connect you with the right resources, programs and information.  

If you’re a tourism business or are looking to start a tourism business in our beautiful County, there are plenty of tourism supports to help you succeed.