Parkland County's Planning and Development Services assigns civic addresses for all properties and dwellings in the County. Using our Civic Addressing Bylaw, which regulates addressing in the County, this system provides the means for police, fire, and ambulance to find every address in Parkland County.

Canada Post had adopted the County's civic address as a mailing address in many areas of Parkland County. Check out the subdivision maps on Discover Parkland for existing civic addressing within named subdivisions.

For any questions regarding civic addressing, please contact us by phone at 780-968-8888 or by email at

Confirm your address or get a new civic address

You can determine if you have an existing civic address by finding your property on Discover Parkland. Our subdivision maps outline existing civic addressing within established/named subdivisions. You can also determine if you have an address by calling us at 780-968-8888.

Please have the following resources ready when confirming a civic address:

  • Legal land description (i.e., SW 25-51-27-W4M or Lot, Block, Plan)
  • Tax roll number
  • Location of access to the property (i.e., driveway) from an existing property line (for rural addresses)

Apply for a civic address

If you find that your existing property does not have a civic address, please complete the appropriate form from the following list and submit using our online planning application tool PLANit Parkland.

Please have the following resources ready when applying:

  • Legal land description (i.e., SW 25-51-27-W4M or Lot, Block, Plan)
  • Tax roll number
  • Location of access to the property (i.e., driveway) from an existing property line (for rural addresses)

Get a rural civic address sign

All signage for new subdivisions and new developments is paid for by the landowner or developer. We supply rural signs for a set fee. Sign maintenance and replacement costs are the responsibility of the landowner.

Purchase a green rural civic address sign by contacting us at 780-968-8888.

Getting your postal code

Canada Post assigns all postal codes in Parkland County. Parkland County is unable to provide you with them. To ensure you receive the correct postal code for your property, you are encouraged to contact Canada Post directly. Phone 1-866-607-6301 or visit where you can input your address to find out your current postal code. You will need your current civic address for Canada Post to determine your postal code.

Posting your civic address on your property

It is very important that all civic addresses are posted and are easily visible from the road. As per our Civic Addressing Bylaw, posting addresses helps improve the safety of all residents so that fire, ambulance or police service personnel can find a property in case of emergency.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure their address remains visible and does not get overgrown by trees or shrubs, etc.

Urban and rural address posting

In urban areas, the proper address shall be posted in a conspicuous place no higher than the first storey of a dwelling/business. Each address letter or number shall be a minimum of 100 mm (or four inches). In rural areas, the proper address shall be posted in a visible place on a sign adjacent to the driveway at the property line. Each address letter or number shall be a minimum of 150 mm (or six inches).

Differences between urban and rural addressing

Urban and rural addressing follow a similar principle – that addresses are based on an access point on a grid pattern. In Parkland County, where possible, even house numbers are located on the north and west side of the road and odd numbers are on the east and south side.

Urban addressing

Urban addressing in our hamlets and Acheson Industrial Park is formed from the street and avenue grid pattern. Once the street names are approved by the County, house numbers are assigned for each lot. For commercial or industrial properties, the address is based on what road the main access to the property is located on.

Rural addressing

Rural addressing is based off the Range Road and Township Road grid pattern. Rural addresses are based on primary access locations along Township Roads, Range Roads and Highways. Each mile of road is divided into 16 address intervals of approximately 100 metres in length, creating 32 address intervals (with 16 on each side). Address intervals increase from south to north and east to west.

A rural address number consisting of four or five digits is assigned to each address interval. In the address 1106 Twp Rd 512, the second part of the address (Twp Rd 512) denotes the road upon which the lot accesses. The first part of the address (1106) denotes that the property is located east of Range Road 11, and that it is on unit 06 of the 32-unit grid.

For named subdivisions, the most southern or most easterly entrance to the subdivision defines the rural address for the whole subdivision. House numbers are individually assigned to each lot. Any road names within the subdivision are put up by the developer for navigation purposes only and do not serve any addressing purposes.