The Acheson Industrial Area is located a few kilometres west of Edmonton. Access to major transportation routes, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region’s labour pool, and your customers, are just a few reasons why Parkland County should be your top choice.

A superior location is one of Acheson’s best attributes.
To Edmonton International Airport 
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Access to Port of Prince Rupert
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Corridor runs adjacent to Acheson 

Land Availability 

Acheson is home to a variety of land options through our world-class brokerage and development community. Whether you require immediate access to heavy-haul roads, large storage space, intermodal rail access, full municipal water and wastewater servicing or immediate access to international freeways, we have it all in Acheson! 

Talent & Labour Market 

Acheson’s diversified, young labour force is pulled from Edmonton and surrounding areas. Drawing from the regional population base of 1.5 million, Edmonton’s post-secondary system is producing top talent through the University of Alberta and NAIT – top 5 in their areas of specialty.  

Business forward programs 

Parkland County is focused on economic growth and diversification, with a focus in the Acheson Industrial Area. Through our Major Business Attraction Program, your business is our priority with a single point of contact ensuring timelines are met and communication is maintained.  

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Acheson Welcome Guide 

In collaboration with the Acheson Business Association, this one-stop information resource guide was created for businesses looking to build and grow in Acheson. It was also designed commercial real estate agents and developers in mind to use with their clients coming to the Business Park. 


Thriving Industry Clusters 

These are just some of the global leaders that call Acheson home… 

 global businesses in acheson

Reports & Resources 
Area Structure Plan 
Acheson has an Area Structure Plan which outlines detailed policies for growth and future land use designations. 
Development Permits 
Development permits help to ensure the use of the land and location of buildings meet the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw.
Land Use Districts (Zoning) 

In Parkland County, each property or parcel has a Land Use District (also referred to as "zoning" in many urban centres). 

To find out what a property's land use district is, view the Land Use District Map or use the layers tool in Discover Parkland. 

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a high level plan that establishes a vision for the future growth of the County for the next 30 years.  

It sets this future direction by identifying where growth will occur including residential, industrial and recreational development. The MDP also contains policies for future land use, infrastructure and transportation requirements, and areas for environmental protection. 

Off-site Levy Model & Bylaw 

Off-site levies are charges that help pay for roads and utilities that are outside (off-site) of a development or subdivision. Within Parkland County, off-site levies apply to parts of the land in and adjacent to: 

  • Acheson Business Park area 

  • Fifth Meridian Business Park area 

  • Big Lake residential area north of Highway 16 

  • County residential areas 

Learn more about Off-site Levies

Servicing Master Plans 

Master plans for water, sanitary, storm water, and transportation have been completed for Acheson Industrial Area. 

Acheson Pumphouse Bulk Water Application 

The Acheson Pumphouse is County owned and operated. It has 2" & 4" hose attachments and is located at 27021 Ellis Rd, Acheson. You will require an account to use it. To set up an account and learn of current rates, please email