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Dogs and Cats


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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog and Cat Ownership in Parkland County

Q.    How many dogs and cats are allowed per household in Parkland County?
A.    On any residential parcel LESS than 0.81 ha (2 acres) in size, you are permitted to have a maximum of four (4) household pets (dogs or cats).
On any residential parcel MORE than 0.81 ha (2 acres) in size, you are permitted to have a maximum of four (4) dogs.
Please refer to the Animal Control Bylaw for more information or click HERE for a copy of the County’s Animal Control Bylaw Brochure.

Q.    Does my dog need a tag?  How much are they, and where can I get one?
A.    Dogs are required to have a license in Parkland County.  For the most recent Parkland County fee schedule click here.  A dog license may be purchased from the Shelter, or the Parkland County Centre Community and Protective Services Department.

Q.    Does Parkland County have a Cat Bylaw?
A.    Parkland County does NOT have a Cat Bylaw with exception of Parkland Village.  Animal Control Officers do not respond to cat complaints. Public feedback did not reflect a desire for the County to have specific cat regulations. There is also provincial legislation to deal with excessive cats on a property that are not cared for properly.

Q.    My dog is lost OR I’ve noticed a stray dog running around my neighbourhood. What should I do?

A.    Owners are responsible for ensuring their dogs do not run free in the neighbourhood. If you animal is lost, or if you notice a stray dog in the county, contact Community and Protective Services at 780-968-8400. We will post photos and descriptions of stray/unclaimed dogs (and other animals available for adoption) on the Parkland County Animal Control Facebook page.

Q.    What rules and regulations are there regarding barking dogs?

A.    No person shall allow a dog, without provocation, to do any of the following:  Howl or bark in such a manner to unreasonably interfere with the use and enjoyment of a person's property.  This is in effect for 24 hours a day.  A barking package may be obtained from our Shelter or Community and Protective Services at (780) 968-8400.  Please click HERE for more information on Barking Dogs.

Q.    How do I adopt a dog from Parkland County?
A.    Animals for adoption can be viewed on the Parkland County Animal Shelter Facebook page or by contacting the Animal Shelter directly.  Parkland County Animal Control promotes responsible ownership and as such, the cost of adoption includes a veterinary exam, the spay or neuter surgery, a vaccination and a microchip for identification.

Q.    Are there any breed restrictions for dog owners in Parkland County?
A.    Responsible pet ownership is always encouraged to avoid potentially problematic situations, but there are no restrictions concerning specific breeds outlined in our Animal Control Bylaw.

Q.    Does the maximum number of dogs or cats apply to someone who wants to operate a kennel or an animal rescue shelter?

A.    No. These facilities are managed through the County’s Land Use Bylaw. Anyone interested in operating one of these facilities must apply for a development permit through Planning & Development Services.

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