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No Spray Agreements

A “No Spray” area is defined as a section of municipal road right-of-way which would normally be maintained under the regular roadside spraying program but which has been requested by a ratepayer not to be sprayed.  The ratepayer becomes responsible for weed and brush control in the designated areas, as defined by the “No Spray Agreement”.

Ratepayers that wish to participate in the “No Spray” program are required to sign a “No Spray Agreement” along with a map highlighting the designated area.  By signing the Agreement you have requested the portion of the County road allowance as described on the map, not to be sprayed under the County’s regular Roadside Vegetation Management Program.  By participating, you are required to assume responsibility for vegetation control in the designated area.  The vegetation you are required to control includes prohibited noxious and noxious weeds (as listed in the Alberta Weed Control Act), brush and sweet clover.  For mowing or hand pulling to be a viable weed control option, it shall be done as often as is necessary to destroy prohibited noxious weeds and control noxious weeds located on the land to prevent the spread, growth, ripening or scattering of the weeds.  The agreement must be signed by the owner of the property; if a renter wishes to participate in the program the landowner must still sign the agreement even if the renter will be maintaining the area.

If upon inspection by County Agricultural Services staff, the vegetation is found to be improperly managed by non-chemical means, we reserve the right to spray the affected area, and the area requested not to be sprayed will be returned to the regular Roadside Vegetation Management Program.  Once the Agreement is signed and in place the County provides the owner with two signs to be mounted on stakes which are a minimum of five feet tall and must be placed in a highly visible area as close as possible to the property line.  Signs are available for replacement for $5.00 each plus GST.

It is the landowner’s responsibility to register their participation and designated “No Spray” area ANNUALLY PRIOR TO MAY 1ST OF EACH YEAR.  Please note that your “No Spray” is not valid until our office has received a new Agreement signed and dated each year with a map outlining the “No Spray” area and confirmation of sign numbers.

For a comprehensive list and pictures of the weeds in the Alberta Weed Control Act please click here.  There have been changes to the Alberta Weed Control Act that came into effect in 2010.

For further information please contact Agricultural Services at 780-968-8467