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Noxious Weeds

Property owners in Parkland County are responsible for controlling prohibited noxious and noxious weeds on their own land. The weeds designated as prohibited noxious and noxious under the Alberta Weed Control Act can spread rapidly and cause serious problems.

Weed Inspection Program

Parkland County employs four weed inspectors who conduct random inspections and investigate complaints. Each inspector is responsible for a designated area. Weed inspectors have the authority to enter private property without landowner permission in order to conduct inspections.

Click here for a list of Parkland County's fees and charges.

Questions regarding Parkland County’s Weed Inspection Program? Contact Agricultural Services at 780-968-8467.

Weed Notices for Prohibited Noxious and Noxious Weeds

On June 16, 2010, the new Alberta Weed Control Act was proclaimed.  The new Act deals with invasive plants that threaten natural ecosystems in addition to agricultural lands. 

Changes to note in the new Act is that the categories of Restricted, Noxious and Nuisance weeds have been replaced by Prohibited Noxious and Noxious weeds. Parkland County as a local authority must issue a weed notice for Prohibited Noxious weeds and landowners shall destroy any weeds under this designation.

Weed notices will no longer be sent out via registered mail. Instead, as allowed under the Act, weed notices will be posted on the property where the weed infestation is found.  

The list of weed species under each designation has increased; there are 46 plants in the Prohibited Noxious category and 29 in the Noxious category. 

Copies of the Weed Control Act and Regulation can be obtained through Alberta Queen's Printer here.

For more information on Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development's link to the news release about the Weed Control Act please click here.

New Alberta Weed Control Act: Prohibited Noxious Weeds (46):

"Prohibited noxious weeds - a person shall destroy a prohibited noxious weed that is on land the person owns or occupies".

Prohibited Noxious weeds pose a serious threat and must be eradicated.  These weeds spread rapidly and are highly competitive.  Weeds in this category are restricted to prevent establishment in Alberta.

(To view an image/information of the weed please click on the name of the weed.)

Autumn Olive                                                                                               
Bighead Knapweed                             
Black Knapweed  
Brown Knapweed
Chinese Tamarisk (Saltcedar-Tamarisk Family)
Common Barberry 
Common Buckthorn 
Common Crupina 
Common St. John's-wort 
Diffuse Knapweed 
Dyer's Woad 
Eurasian Watermilfoil 
Flowering Rush 
Garlic Mustard 
Giant Hogweed 
Giant Knotweed 
Himalayan Balsam 
Hoary Alyssum 
Hybrid Japanese Knotweed 
Hybrid Knapweed 
Japanese Knotweed 
Jointed Goatgrass 
Marsh Thistle 
Meadow Hawkweed
Meadow Knapweed 
Mouse-ear Hawkweed 
Nodding Thistle 
Orange Hawkweed 
Pale Yellow Iris 
Plumeless Thistle 
Purple Loosestrife (Lythraceae, Loosestrife Family)
Red Bartsia 
Rush Skeletonweed 
Russian Knapweed 
Smallflower Tamarisk (Saltcedar, Tamarisk Family)
Spotted Knapweed 
Squarrose Knapweed 
Sulphur Cinquefoil 
Tansy Ragwort 
Tyrol Knapweed 
Yellow Nutsedge 
Yellow Starthistle 

New Alberta Weed Control Act: Noxious Weeds (29):

"noxious weeds - a person shall control a noxious weed that is on land the person owns or occupies".

Noxious Weeds have the ability to spread rapidly, cause severe crop losses and economic hardship.  These weeds must be controlled to prevent further establishment and spread.

(To view an image/information of the weed please click on the name of the weed)

Black Henbane 
Blueweed; Blueweed (AIP) 
Broad-leaved pepper-grass 
Canada Thistle;  Canada Thistle (AIP) 
Common Baby's-breath 
Common Mullein 
Common Tansy; Common Tansy (AIP) 
Creeping Bellflower 
Dalmatian Toadflax 
Dame's Rocket 
Downy Brome 
Field Bindweed; Field Bindweed (AIP) 
Field Scabious; Field Scabious (AIP) 
Globe-podded hoary cress 
Great Burdock
Heart-podded hoary cress 
Hound's-tongue; Hound's-tongue (AIP) 
Japanese Brome 
Leafy Spurge; Leafy Spurge (AIP) 
Lens-podded hoary cress
Lesser Burdock (Common)
Oxeye Daisy; Oxeye Daisy (AIP) 
Perennial Sow Thistle; Perennial Sow Thistle (AIP) 
Scentless Chamomile; Scentless Chamomile(AIP) 
Tall Buttercup; Tall Buttercup (AIP) 
White Cockle; White Cockle(AIP) 
Woolly Burdock 
Yellow Clematis 
Yellow Toadflax; Yellow (Common) Toadflax(AIP)

Sources:        Alberta Invasive Plant Identification Guide
                   Alberta Invasive Plants Council