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Proposed Park Concept Plan for Range Road 23 Pit

Parkland County has signed an agreement to lease the Range Road 23 gravel pit lands from the Province in order to construct a day use park.

Now that the lease is in place, not only will we be moving forward with the park design and development process, we also have jurisdiction to deal with some of the activities that caused concern for the local residents.

Prior to the County obtaining a lease, the lands were Crown lands and therefore public property. With a lease in place for development of a day use park, Parkland County has the ability to restrict activities on the lands.

Enforcement Services personnel will be working to inform the public of permitted uses and ensuring only authorized activities take place in the area.

As a day use park, the following activities are not permitted in the Range Road 23 pit area:

  • No access to park after 11 p.m.
  • No camping
  • No firearms
  • No off highway vehicles
  • No fires except in County-approved fire receptacles

Parkland County has installed a gate restricting access due to poor road conditions and to allow time for the park development to occur.

A Concept Plan has been developed for the park site which was shared with the public in 2012 and most recently again in May of 2013 at an Information Night on May 29 at Hansen's Corner Hall.


Update -   Feb 5, 2014

Detailed Design has been completed. 

Changes were made to the original concept plan following the information night back in May of 2013.  These changes included the addition of a second washroom, additional fencing in the area and a gate at the boat access point.   We want folks to note that the gate at the boat access point is an interim measure, as boating access is an activity we will be supporting.  The issue at this point is ensuring the boating access is used in an appropriate way for boat launching only, and not to give river access to other vehicles (4 X 4’s, OHV’s ).    A RR23 Park Advisory Committee will be created and we will look to work with this committee to determine an appropriate way to manage the boating access area.


Project has been tendered
The Tender closes February 27, 2014.

Update - April 23, 2014
The tender has been awarded and a project start up meeting is forthcoming to discuss timelines.  Work is anticipated to begin in June. 

 Next Steps: 

  • Park Development Begins 
  • Creation of Range Road 23 Park Advisory Committee


For further information please contact Dave Cross (Manager – Community and Protective Services, Parkland County) at 780-968-8888.