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SDAB renders decision on Spruce Grove Gun Club appeals.

PARKLAND COUNTY, AB. – After considering all the evidence presented from area residents, concerned citizens, and the Spruce Grove Gun Club itself, Parkland County’s Subdivision and Development Appeal Board has upheld the decision of the Development Authority to grant the development permit to the gun club, but has amended the conditions of the permit.

In its decision, the Board recognized its scope of authority and based its decision on land use. As noted in the reasons for decision, the Board determined the gun range was consistent within the Outdoor Participant Recreation Services and the County’s Municipal Development Plan Recreation and Open Space Policy.

The Board also took into consideration the concerns raised by the neighbouring property owners, which focused on noise and safety. To address noise concerns, the Board has amended the gun range’s hours of operations, specifically on weekends and holidays. The Board also determined that the gun range was to meet the noise level provisions of the County’s Community Standards Bylaw 03-2012 and provide results of noise monitoring to the County each month.

The Board was clear in its decision that it does not have the expertise to impose specific safety measures regarding the design and operation of the gun range, noting that authority rests with the Chief Firearms Officer of Alberta. To help address the concerns of the neighbouring residents, the Board did impose a condition that required the gun range undergo safety reviews on a regular and frequent basis by the Chief Firearms Officer.

The Board also included a condition that the gun club provide a report from the Chief Firearms Officer of Alberta that confirms compliance with the safety standards, outlines the results of a safety investigation of the range including the prescribed safety area down range of the gun club, and addresses any requirements to ensure discharge of firearms on the gun range do not endanger the safety of persons in the surrounding area.

The Board also amended the timeline of the permit approval, with an expiry of November 9, 2015, to align the development permit with the Shooting Range Approval issued by the Chief Firearms Officer for Alberta.

The amended Conditional Development Permit takes effect once all the conditions have been met.

A copy of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board’s decision is attached for ease of reference. Also included is a summary of the conditions initially imposed by the Municipal Planning Commission and the amendments imposed by the Board.

The decision of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board can be appealed to the Court of Appeal of Alberta on a question of law or jurisdiction pursuant to Section 688 of the Municipal Government Act.  An appeal requires an application for leave be filed with the Court of Appeal within 30 days of receipt of this decision.

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